UP Experience in Houston 2012

UP Experience in Houston 2012

Laura Koch and Barbara Corcoran

Laura and I attended the UP Experience in Houston 2012 last week.  For the past several years, a friend of mine had encouraged me to go.  I finally decided to take his advice and sign up and I’m glad I did!
Check out this photo from the event of Laura with Barbara Corcoran from ABC’s Shark Tank…

UP Experience in Houston 2012

Over the course of the day, there were over sixteen speakers who were leaders in their field. We heard topics from new battery technology to gaming theory. One of the most inspiring speakers was Marcus Luttrell, the author of Lone Survivor. Out of the day I came away with a few trends and ideas.

  • The key to living longer is to seek out new experiences and novelty.
  • The 80+ age group is the fastest growing demographic group.
  • Key to avoiding Alzheimer disease is to eat fish and lower your blood pressure.
  • Marcus Luttrell: “See what you will become not what you are!”, “Have a Never Quit Attitude no matter how many times you fail!”
  • Barbara Corcoran: “Be great at failure; Perception creates reality; There are two kinds of people, expanders and containers; Fun is good for business; Fun is the birthplace of creativity.”
  • Gary Vaynerchuk: “The goal of social media is to develop an online relationship with your customer; Information and data are becoming a commodity; Give away intellectual property to open up opportunities.”
  • Tony Danza: “For education to be effective students have to be convinced to take ownership of their education.”

The most important benefit of the day was getting away from the office and sharing ideas with the other attendees. I definitely plan to attend the UP Experience in Houston 2013. I hope you will too!
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UP Experience

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