Financial Leadership Workshop

The Art Of The CFO®
August 7-10th, 2023


The Art Of The CFO®

Financial Leadership Workshop
The Art Of The CFO®

In The Art Of The CFO® – Financial leadership workshop you’ll go beyond the numbers to develop the financial strategies, tactics, and leadership skills required for individuals to become more valued members of their organization. Thereby taking yourself, and your company to the next level.

The Art of the CFO® was designed for CFOs, Controllers, Accountants, Business Owners, and all other Financial Leaders. Those eligible for CPE Credits also earn 40 upon completion.

The Art Of The CFO®

It's A Common Misconception, And Often Even Ignored…Until Now

Strategic CFO™ created the Financial Leadership Workshop to develop financial leadership skills that convert you from a numbers cruncher to a strategic value driver, and give you the tools you need to be a trusted advisor.  Financial Leadership Workshops contain topics created exclusively for the financial leaders of entrepreneurial companies (entrepreneurs, CEOs, CFOs, and controllers) to become influencers and decision-makers.

The purpose of the workshop is to develop the financial strategies, tactics, and leadership skills required for individuals to become more valued members of their organization, thereby taking themselves, and their companies, to the next level. Strategic CFO™ empowers financial professionals with a development program to enhance your financial skills to result in higher profits and cash flow for your organization. The workshop coaches participants in CFO Leadership, CFO Development, and CFO Training. Strategic CFO™ offers a variety of training options (Live, Virtual/Online, Self-Study). There are no prerequisites to be a participant in the Financial Leadership Workshop. CPE Credits are also available.

The Art Of The CFO®

Successful CFO leadership requires a deeper understanding of strategy, increased leadership skills, and an ability to effectively communicate financial acumen and knowledge to non-financial colleagues. During four days you will understand how to create organizational value and go beyond the numbers to learn and adopt those critical skills, but also use them to elevate your leadership role. You’ll also rediscover financial leadership and learn to become a strategic thinker, leader, and partner.


Paradigm Shift

On Day 1 of the Financial Leadership Workshop, your Strategic CFO® coach starts by discussing the Paradigm Shift. The Paradigm Shift is a way of changing your current mindset and processes within your organization, while discovering new techniques and ways to improve.


Improving Profitability

On Day 2 of the Financial Leadership Workshop, your Strategic CFO® coach dives into discussing Improving Profitability. The day will focus on improving profitability. Typically, financial professionals look for cutting costs to improve profits. You’ll learn other methods that will enable you to be more of a strategic leader in your organization.

DAY 3 Financing & Cash Flow On Day 3 of the Financial Leadership Workshop, your Strategic CFO® coach continues the workshop by discussing Financing & Cash Flow. You will focus on your organization’s specific financing and cash flow needs. Learn how to manage your banking relationship to ensure cash flow needs are met in your company.


Individual Leadership

By Day 4, your Strategic CFO® coach finishes the 4-day workshop series by focusing on individual Leadership roles within your organization. You’ll quickly understand how important it is to maintain and develop your skills as a financial leader. A CFO’s job is not just reading the finances, it’s about building lasting relationships and how you leave your mark on the future.

Strategic CFO is now offering a new way to start your implementation of The Art Of The CFO®… live or completely online. Don’t wait to sign up! Space is extremely limited. Click the link below to register or email Strategic CFO® today at [email protected].
Group Live
$ 4,000 per participant
  • Attend the four-day workshop in person at our office in Sugar Land, Texas.
$ 8,000 per participant
  • We will host the workshop one-on-one, at the location of your choice for a personalized coaching experience.
Upcoming Dates
In-Person & Virtual Strategic CFO™ Financial Leadership Workshop Series

Complete all four sessions consecutively, or take breaks in between sessions. Contact Strategic CFO® to coordinate the best dates for you.

Feb. 27th - Mar. 2nd, 2023

June 12-15th. 2023

Session Full

August 7-10th, 2023

November 6th-8th, 2023

“There is a lot of great content. On day one I came away with strategies and tools to implement that will help our company and my career. I really enjoyed the class environment and the information shared between attendees. "
Jaclyn Arnold
October 15th, 2021
“I needed to think more strategically as a CFO and more from the controller position. I received so much information to help me move forward. I recommend this course for those who are looking to expand their role from just the day to day operations.”
Beth Russell CPA
Puebla, Mexico, Pathway Student
October 15th, 2021
“As CEO of Batterson LLP, I retained Dan Corredor to assist my company through accounting improvements and various operational issues. My company is a family owned company that has been around since 1929."
Mike Batterson
December 18, 2017
“As CEO of Pipe Exchange, I retained Dan Corredor to assist my company through various issues. We were owned by a private equity group that was looking to exit and we needed some strategic guidance. "
Dolly Cheramie III,
December 18, 2017
“I went into Strategic CFO™ coaching program with concerns for my company regarding risk management. automation and moving to a paperless environment. I absolutely feel that the program has helped me focus my energy on productive areas to address these concerns. It’s an excellent program.”
Jeff Spillane
CFO at Anslow Bryant Construction LTD
July 16, 2014
“I had the opportunity of participating in Strategic CFO™’s coaching program at a critical juncture in my career as I transitioned from a Controller to a CFO. There are many demands placed on CFOs. "
David Robison
CFO of Audobon
May 22, 2014
“Strategic CFO™ helped me refine the tools and skill set necessary to add value to my organization as the CFO. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to find ways to increase profitability, maximize cash flows and to become the financial leader of your company.”
Scott Shackouls
CFO at T-Rex Engineering and Construction
July 17, 2014
“Strategic CFO™ coaching program helped to reaffirm my desire to not only contribute at a higher level to my organization but also to realize the unfulfilled goals I have for myself as an accountant and a business leader.”
Geri Pacheco
CFO of Arch-Con
2013-2014 HBJ CFO of the Year
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Frequently Asked Questions
Strategic CFO™ Financial Leadership Workshop FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) are listed below. If you still do not find the answer you are looking for, then please contact Strategic CFO® here.

Strategic CFO™’s Financial Leadership Workshops cost $4,000 per participant.

You may complete the workshop one-on-one at the location of your choice for $8,000 plus reasonable travel expenses.

Absolutely! A 50% deposit is requested upfront and the other 50% 10 business days prior to the first workshop.

The Financial Leadership Workshop is hosted at our office at 830 Julie Rivers Dr. #303 Sugar Land, TX 77429 for the classroom session. The workshop can be given one on one at the location of your choice.

The workshop is four days(sessions) long totaling about of 32 hours of lesson material. You may choose to compete all 4 sessions consecutively, or space the sessions out across the year. Strategic CFO hosts one 4-day workshop per quarter, and is very flexible with dates. 

Dates are often adjusted to meet the demands of the participants, so please do not hesitate to suggest workshop dates that are more convenient for you.


Yes! CPA’s will earn 10 CPE credits per workshop session for a total of 40 CPE credits. Strategic CFO® is a NASBA sponsor.

The Art Of The CFO® teaches you how to be a value driver in your organization and become a strategic partner to the CEO. Session one covers Key Concepts, session two covers Improving Profitability, session three covers Financing & Cash Flow and session 4 covers Leadership.

Strategic CFO™ created the Financial Leadership Workshop to develop financial leadership skills, convert you from a numbers cruncher to a strategic value driver, and give you the tools you need to be a trusted advisor. It includes the following:

  • 40 CPE Credits (NASBA Sponsor)
  • 4 Workbooks
  • Your New Mentor and Coach – Dan Corredor
  • Lifetime Membership to the SCFO Lab
  • 4 Must-Have Reads
Financial leaders of companies (entrepreneurs, CEOs, accountants, CFOs, and controllers, etc.) who are responsible for driving profits and cash flow. There are no prerequisites, and anyone who wishes to create success through financial leadership is welcome.

With 30+ years of total experience, Dan’s expertise includes the following: mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, post closure business integration, operational and financial restructuring, accounting efficiencies, working capital and cash flow management. Read more about Dan Corredor here.

You may cancel and receive a full refund up to 24 hours prior to your first workshop session. After attending your first workshop session you are no longer eligible for a refund or exchange.

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