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IP Valuation & Monetization For The C-Suite

Intellectual Property (IP) defines and protects the sources of goods and services in the marketplace, the products and services offered for sale and the content surrounding such offerings.  Whether trademarks, patents, copyrights, or other IP, it is critical that C-Suite strategy drives and shapes the creation, valuation use and monetization of all its intellectual property.

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How to Lead an ERP/Accounting System Implementation

In my 28+ year career, I have seen countless ERP system implementations and accounting system implementations. While some have been very successful and made a huge difference in the company, I have seen disasters. Millions of dollars spent over budget. Complete failure for the system implementation. This is one of my “hot boxes” when I

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How to Make Dramatic Changes in Business

Recently, we had a coaching participant mention to us how her company was wanting to make a huge change in their business that would ultimately destroy the current business. This happens more often that you would think… The owner or founder of the company wants to make a shift, a change, but the leadership did not

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Financial Leadership in the Digital Age

There is more information available today than in another other age before. It’s overwhelming. Instead of having verbal conversations with one another, there is a room of people on their phones or laptops communicating with other people around the world. We are processing thousands (if not millions) of pieces of information a day. And that’s

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What Accounting System Should Your Company Purchase?

Now, this is a topic that hits every company: what accounting system should your purchase? There is no question that technology has changed the way we do business. When I started working in the late 80’s, we had our first system implementation in an oil and gas company I worked for. It was a huge server(s),

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E-Commerce is the New Black

You may have heard the phrase, “[insert color, thing, etc.] is the new black”. It stemmed from the fashion industry in reference to the color. Ever heard of “pink is the new black?” Black has always been a traditional, stylish color that will never go out of style. That’s why today, we’re saying the e-commerce

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Financial Leaders and Cyber Security

Does your company bank online? Have QuickBooks or PeachTree online? Take credit card transactions online? Have any financial information online? Have a website or an email address? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are at risk for a cyber security threat. It’s no question that as technology evolves, the issue of

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Millennials: The Hippies of the 21st Century

Two weeks ago, I posed the question, “Are the millennials the hippies of the 21st century?” in front of 200 CFOs and Controllers. Almost immediately, dozens of hands were popping up in the air to tell about their worst millennial experience. Learn how to recruit star-quality team members that will improve value in your company

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The Electronic Red Pen – Strategic Pricing Techniques

  Whenever you go shopping, does it seem like there’s always a sale going on?  It’s as if marketers believe that by offering a high value item for a lower price, it becomes a more attractive item to purchase. I have a term for this – the electronic red pen. What the heck is an “electronic

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Continuous Accounting: The New Age of Accounting

See Also: Reducing Your Cash Conversion Cycle Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) Accounting Principles 1, 2, and 3 Accounting Principles 5, 6, and 7 Continuous Accounting: The New Age of Accounting Continuous Accounting is the new age of accounting. It provides a more efficient way to review financial performance in a real-time automated process, and a trustworthy, repeatable accounting cycle

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How to Find the Latest Software for Your Business

How to Find the Latest Software for Your Business There are three steps how to find the latest software for your business. Ask Around Ask partners, competitors, and ‘techies’. This will help you see what other companies or organizations are using to solve the same problems that you have. Talking with partners can also be a

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What is Microsoft Dynamics?

See Also: How Do You Know When It is Time to Buy New Software How to Choose New Software Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains Functionalities How to Choose a Software Dealer How to Obtain a Microsoft Dynamics Licensing Agreement Microsoft Dynamics Microsoft Dynamics is the brand name of a group of business management solutions from Microsoft.

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