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We provide CFO Retained Search services to find the financial leader that your business is lacking. We know that your biggest concern in the hiring process is turnover (and the time and money costs associated with it). At The Strategic CFO, we get it. Our retained search process is designed to avoid wasting those precious resources. You will get the right financial leader — without turnover.

The Issue of Turnover

The average tenure of a CFO is estimated to be 3 to 5 years. Some experts estimate that the CFO turnover rate has only increased over the past few years. This phenomena has occurred due to the computerization of the financial function, a volatile economy, and the rapid increase in the rate of change in businesses today.

With that in mind, finding the right CFO or financial leader for your organization is often a hit or miss. Most CEOs hire several CFO/Controllers before finding the right fit. Unfortunately, this can result in diverting the management team’s focus away from running the business and, ultimately, the company loses the momentum for growth. Hiring a bad fit is a productivity killer.

Avoid Turnover, Save Time

Is there a better way to find the right fit? You know that hiring a CFO who complements your culture and has the skills required to achieve your targeted growth from the get-go eliminates the wasted effort and lost profits from a bad hire.

Utilizing our CFO Retained Search process allows you and your team to focus on what matters most: growing your business. We will find the right long-term solution for your company.

Choosing Your Firm

There are numerous CFO Retained Search firms in the marketplace. Unfortunately, their culture is a sales culture. The focus is on filling the position as soon as possible then moving on to the next transaction. The end result is that the client picks up the pieces when the hire goes bad.

There is a saying: “Hire in haste, regret in leisure.” We feel that the window of opportunity of hiring the right CFO is more than a 30-day wonder. By actively recruiting, developing long-term relationships with CFOs, and maintaining active networking efforts, a retained search firm like The Strategic CFO is in the best position to hire the right financial leader.

Why Pick Us?

The Strategic CFO Retained Search process presents organizations with a unique, consultative approach to their search for full-time financial talent.

  • We Assess Your Needs and Evaluate the Organization. As consultants, not recruiters, our unique perspective helps us identify the caliber of financial management professional you should consider within the context of your organization’s culture.
  • Financial Management Professionals Will Learn About Your Job. In addition to more traditional resources, your position will be posted on The Strategic CFO Job Board.
  • We Participate in Interviews. We pre-screen candidates for your position and participates in all interviews to facilitate your organization’s evaluation of candidates.
  • We Help You Close the Deal. We provide guidance in structuring a competitive offer, negotiating with the candidate and preparing the offer letter. The Strategic CFO also completes reference checks.

Reach out to us today. We’ll keep you focused on your business through this process.

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