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This is the opportunity for you to own our most valuable collection of tools, checklists, reports, “cheat sheets” and standard operating procedures that drive profits and cash flow… literally everything we use to help our clients’ business grow profitably.

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  • Two 30-minute CFO support sessions (per month!)
  • 20+ Execution Plans
  • Curated Tools and Whitepapers
  • Monthly Office Hours & Webinars
  • Private Members Only Community
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  • Two 30-minute CFO support sessions (per month!)
  • 20+ Execution Plans
  • Curated Tools and Whitepapers
  • Monthly Office Hours & Webinars
  • Private Members Only Community
  • Quarterly check-in meetings
The 8 Steps We Take To Improve
Profits & Cash Flow And Unlock Major Value (Millions) In Just 90 Days.

In my 30+ years as an accountant, CFO and consultant I’ve helped many companies overcome challenges and increase their profits and cashflow. Along my journey I have found there are certain resources, tools and lessons every financial leader should have in their arsenal.

And thus, SCFO Lab was born. SCFO Lab is our collection of tools, reports, templates, lessons and resources on all things accounting and finance. Everything we use with our consulting clients, at your finger tips. It’s the ultimate CFO resource.

Do You Ever Feel Stuck In The Day-To-Day Of Your Company's Financials?

Don't worry! That's normal.

That’s certainly how I spent the first part of my career, and how many business owners and financial professionals run companies every day.  

But if you want to take your company (and career) to the next level and grow profitably, then the day-to-day where you exist now won’t be enough.  Don’t wait for the future… the time to start is NOW.

It wasn’t enough for me when I started my career as an accountant.  And it certainly wouldn’t be enough in my career as a trusted financial advisor to entrepreneurs.  

So what did it take me to get ahead of the numbers and become a financial leader?

Years. Years of experience.

When I first began consulting over 30 years ago, every problem was new, so each solution I created was one-of-a-kind.

Over time, I began to anticipate how these solutions could be applied across multiple clients’ problems. Even better, I could prevent the “problem” from occurring by implementing the known solution ahead of time.

Naturally, I began to document our process and our solutions, so that new CFO and Controller Consultants could easily carry them out with new clients.

For example:

  • I developed The Strategic CFO 8-Step Solution that documented the process a CFO should take in providing financial leadership in a company.
  • I required each consultant to implement a Flash Report for his/her clients as a dashboard for the most relevant financial data.
  • We created a cash-management tool called Dynamic Cash Flow Projections that became standard with almost every client.

These documented processes and tools allowed me to…

  • Easily bring on consultants and teach them our system
  • Easily communicate the game plan and financial results with clients

Then, as we brought on more consultants, this effect compounded, as the consultants documented any of their custom solutions and added them to The Strategic CFO knowledge base to be re-used in the future.

With that, we were expert CFOs, helping our local clients grow profitably by providing vision and strategy to impact profits and cash flow.

Soon enough, we found ourselves sharing this expertise to the financial leaders at our clients’ companies (or to the entrepreneurs themselves). They wanted to be equipped with this knowledge to bring financial leadership into their organizations in a lasting way.

  • That’s when we started coaching and training CFOs, aspiring CFOs, and business owners in workshops.
  • We successfully transferred our knowledge in these live classes, but there was just one problem…
  • People from all over the world were learning about our coaching and asking if we offered anything in their city, or anything online. From Denver, Colorado… to the UK… to Kenya… to Australia.
  • People from all over the world wanted to bring financial leadership into their organizations too.

So we made a very bold (and some might say CRAZY) move at The Strategic CFO™.

We decided to take literally ALL our processes and tools…


…and “open source” them to other CFOs, business owners, and accounting professionals.

We called it “The Strategic CFO™ Lab” (or “SCFO Lab,” for short), because it’s a place for you to try the strategies we’re discovering in our consulting engagements.

As a “lab member” you get access to the latest & greatest.

When we figure out something that works, we systematize and document it into an Execution Plan that all our members can use.

Here’s a quick look at the Execution Plans that are waiting for you..

  • 12-Point Checklist For Establishing A Flash Report To Get A Daily Pulse of Your Business
  • 23-Step Plan To Create An Investor Package When Seeking Funds
  • 16-Step Sales Forecasting Plan To Easily Work With Your Sales Team And Properly Project Revenue
  • 13-Week Cash Flow Report Template to Forecast Your Cash Flow

… And that’s just to name a few!

By joining the SCFO Lab, you get access to all these Execution Plans my most valuable collection of tools, checklists, reports, cheatsheets, and standard operating procedures that drive profits and cash flow (including the 13-Week Cash Flow Forecast template).

But, as they say, that’s not all!

All SCFO Lab Members get access right into our office on calls or webinars. During Office Hours, members of our team cover a specific topic.

Sometimes, the topic is inspired directly from the field where we are consulting with clients and discovering new solutions.

Other times, we’ll review a more classic topic for newer members and for existing members to get a refresher.

It’s like you’re one of our very own consultants in Houston, TX, being developed every day to better serve your “client” – your company!

Not only will you get the latest and greatest ideas (before they’ve been turned into Execution Plans), you’ll also have a chance to ask questions.


As a Lab Member, you’re also getting access to our private collaboration group, “The SCFO Community.”  

Just like a traditional collaboration group, The SCFO Community is all about:  

Sharing what’s working, and…  

Getting help with what isn’t. 

 Our members include:  

The VP of finance for one of the largest communication companies in the world (publicly traded on the NASDAQ)
The founder and CEO of a large manufacturing company
One of the most connected bankers in the Midwest…  

…along with:  

Accounting managers, Controllers, & CFOs…
Bankers and investors
Local, brick-and-mortar business owners
Entrepreneurs and CEOs  

And once you begin to participate in this group, these members (and others) will be ready, willing, AND able to come to your aid.  


Because they have been in your shoes before, are leaders in your city or industry, and just want to create success through financial leadership. (Our members are pretty cool!)

But fair warning…

You will be expected to do the same.

The SCFO Lab Members Area

By joining the SCFO Lab, you get access to our most valuable collection of tools, checklists, reports, cheatsheets, and standard operating procedures that drive profits and cash flow (including the 13-Week Cash Flow Forecast template).

SCFO Lab will teach you:

You Will Also Have Access To:

Here are just a few of the tools waiting for you in SCFO Lab:


Excel without formulas

Handle and analyze your data. Save time using Microsoft Excel.
From the administrative to the business analysis/data mining tasks for your organization. QuickRows offers solutions for your data parameterization without formulas in Excel. Click on the tutorial videos below to learn more.
Flash Report Tool
Our most popular tool among our SCFO Lab members and coaching participants. The Strategic CFO™ Flash Report Tool enables you to react quickly, focus on what really matters, and lead your company towards a better financial future.
Projections Tool
The Strategic CFO™ Projections Tool enables you to use a dynamic cash flow projection to know how to make decisions with accurate numbers.
Strategic Pricing Model
The Strategic CFO™ Strategic Pricing Model enables you to easily determine the profitability of your company’s products & services down to the net income level.
Cash Flow Tune-Up Tool

The Strategic CFO™ Cash Flow Tune-Up Tool allows you to analyze the benefits of implementing cash flow improvement strategies in your company.

Exit Strategy Checklist

The Strategic CFO™ Exit Strategy Checklist enables you to start asking the right questions so that you can start to create and develop your exit strategy.

Flux Analysis Tool
The Strategic CFO™ Flux Analysis Tool enables you to identify areas of improvement using years of financial history in order to improve the profitability of your company.
DSO Cash Cruncher
The Strategic CFO™ DSO Cash Cruncher allows you to free up cash, grow quickly, pay down debt efficiently.
SWOT Analysis Survey
The Strategic CFO™ SWOT Analysis Survey combines the external analysis with the internal environmental factors to complete an expansive SWOT Analysis.


Financial Leadership Workshop


June 13th - 16th 2022