CFO Consulting Services

CFO Consulting Services

Our group of strategic CFOs consults with your business to provide financial leadership and groom your finance department into a value-creation center, rather than an overhead center.

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The CFO Gap

In our 25 years of experience working with entrepreneurial companies, we’ve discovered that a gap exists in the financial leadership of many firms. This gap has been created in large part due to the increased automation of the accounting functions as computers become faster and more powerful.

The problem with managing growth for most organizations is that it is not a seamless, smooth process. Instead, it is a wrenching, chaotic one. Growth requires substantial and dramatic changes in the skill sets of personnel, in systems, and in processes. Ideally, companies should ramp up little by little as growth occurs. Unfortunately, acquiring new skills, systems, and processes little by little is generally not feasible.

Life Cycle of a CFO

As a company lurches through the growth process, the skill set required for its CFO changes. The skills required to run a $10 million company are different than those required to lead a $40 million company. Consequently, a “life cycle” of a CFO emerges.

As a company grows, they postpone hiring a CFO until a problem occurs. The first year of a CFO’s job is consumed with “cleaning up” the financial records of the company. After having successfully whipped the financials into shape, the CFO looks to the entrepreneur for new challenges. The CEO, not wanting to lose the new team member, assigns the CFO new job duties in order to keep him/her challenged. At this point, the CFO is given IT, HR, legal, and other responsibilities. In essence, the CFO becomes the “Chief Administration Officer”.

The third-year the CFO wants a raise or new challenges. Unfortunately, the job is only worth so much or something happens to the economy and the CFO leaves.

The Strategic CFO Solution

In the CFO consulting environment, we have seen several needs of entrepreneurial companies over and over again – cash flow issues, profitability issues, leadership issues, etc.

Over the past 25 years, we have developed a unique process that shortens the time for a CFO to achieve results that address these issues. We have an 8-step process that drives improved profits and cash flow at less than the cost of a full time CFO.

Consulting Services Offered:

default image“As a rapidly growing company we hired The Strategic CFO, in January 2020, to help with the difficult transition period from small business to something bigger, where we needed new systems and processes to manage our volume and our growth. It was an excellent decision. We were provided with two knowledgeable, creative, hard-working and seasoned executives, one a CFO and one a Controller, to work with us, analyzing our books, our accounting structure and the overall financial health of the company and the department.   We had a new accounting system in place which unfortunately has not always been as easy to work with as advertised. Although always a work in progress, we now believe it will get us where we need to go. Then, in June of 2020, our current Accounting Manager left the company, but we were in good shape, because we knew exactly what we needed to do to and the skill set needed to do it.  We made the decision to offer both of our Strategic CFO advisers a position and we now have a new CFO and Controller.  Both new positions for our company. We could not be more pleased with the caliber of the people Strategic CFO brought to work with us, how quickly they were able to jump in and understand our business and financial requirements and their ability to analyze and affect change. Strategic CFO also embraced our decision to hire their employees, making the transition from one payroll to another easy and seamless. We give Strategic CFO our highest rating, our company is better because we hired them.”

Jon Farley


September 26, 2020

default image

“[Dan’s] advice and guidance was exactly what I needed at the time, and the result has been quite positive. I find Dan honest, patient, and thorough and would recommend any business owner seeking the same services to consider his firm.” 

Mark Kardoush


December 18, 2017

default image

“As CEO of Batterson LLP, I retained Dan Corredor to assist my company through accounting improvements and various operational issues. My company is a family owned company that has been around since 1929. Dan was able to work with me and my management team to professionalize our accounting department and instill best practices into our organization.”

Mike Batterson


December 18, 2017

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“As CEO of Pipe Exchange, I retained Dan Corredor to assist my company through various issues. We were owned by a private equity group that was looking to exit and we needed some strategic guidance. We needed to come up with an exit strategy and budget while also considering valuation of our business. With Dan’s extensive background in M&A and dealing with private equity groups, Dan was able to help us through this new chapter in our company. Dan’s ability to quickly understand our business and work with our management team made the transaction much easier. Please consider this a letter of recommendation for Dan and I would certainly hire him again if there were a need.”

Dolly Cheramie III


December 18, 2017

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