This is the opportunity for you to own my most valuable collection of tools, checklists, reports, “cheat sheets” and standard operating procedures that drive profits and cash flow…
Literally everything I use to help my clients’ business grow profitably.


The Strategic CFO™ provides the Financial Leadership Workshop Self Study with topics created exclusively for the financial leaders of entrepreneurial companies (entrepreneurs, CEOs, CFOs, and controllers) who are responsible for driving profits and cash flow.

CFO Coaching Membership

The CFO Coaching Membership includes one hour, one-on-on coaching sessions with an experienced CFO from our team EVERY WEEK. Discuss topics including but not limited to: Accounting,  Operations, Manufacturing, Inventory, Systems Selections, Audit Readiness 

The Art of the CFO™

Become the BEST by Learning From the BEST

CFOs may know their numbers, but our Financial Leadership Workshop was developed to takes CFOs from numbers crunchers to financial leaders. Our CFO Training Program – the Financial Leadership Workshop – guides participants through The Art of the CFO™. The four day workshop is built around specific topics designed to provide you with the skills and resources to boost your abilities to move yourself and your organization to the next level.

Become the financial frontrunner
in your organization

The topics taught in our workshops enable you to not only be a CFO (many of our participants are CFOs), but to also become the central financial leader in your company (regardless of title).

Expand your leadership skills and
direct fiscal operations

With our workshops, we provide you with the tool, resources, and mentor/coaches to become influencers and decision-makers.

Improve profits, cash flow, and
the bottom line

We empower financial professionals with a development program to enhance your financial skills to result in higher profits and cash flow for your organization.

Training options to meet YOUR needs

You get the best of BOTH worlds, learning from the best, ANYTIME/ANYWHERE. Earn Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits!


Now is the time to move you and your company forward

Other Services

At The Strategic CFO™, our driving mission is to create success through financial leadership. Our core services allow us to carry out this mission.

Improving Profits and Cash Flow
In our Consulting practice, we utilize what we call The Strategic CFO™ Solution. This is an 8-step process that looks at all aspects of your business, recommends and implements solutions, and then quantifies results in clear and measurable terms.

Building Your Team
Our Retained Search solution provides our clients with a distinct advantage over traditional recruiting firms. Being consultants rather than recruiters, we’ve actually worked in the positions we interview for and are uniquely aware of the skills required to fill these positions.

Profitably Grow Your Business
Take a 1-day workshop with us to freshen up your financial skills. Learn what to look for in the numbers and how to set-up the teams within your organization to report the information you need to know.

Learning the Art of the CFOTM
A recent New York Times article calculated the cost of hiring and training a new employee at up to 1.5 times the departing worker’s salary. Retaining your CFO or Controller earning $100,000 for even one additional year can save your company up to $37,500 in that year alone.

Whether you are a CFO, Controller, Business Owner or Entrepreneur....we are here for you as your CFO coach. Strategic CFO is now offering a monthly CFO Coaching Membership so we can better help you to create success through financial leadership. The CFO Coaching Membership includes one hour, one-on-on coaching sessions with an experienced CFO from our team EVERY WEEK. Discuss topics including but not limited to: ▪️ Accounting ▪️ Operations ▪️ Manufacturing ▪️ Inventory ▪️ Systems Selections ▪️ Audit Readiness


Don't just study. Succeed. LEAD.

The core of the CFO Training Program is the Financial Leadership Workshop which guides participants through The Art of the CFO™. Imagine learning from the best in the business AND gaining CPE at the same time.

CFO Training

Successful CFO leadership requires a deeper understanding of strategy, increased leadership skills, and an ability to effectively communicate financial acumen and knowledge to improve your company’s bottom line.

CPA Training

The topics taught in our workshops enable you to strengthen your skills as a CPA and become a financial leader in your company. We provide you with the current and latest industry trends.

Controller Training

An effective controller is more than an accountant. Take control of your organization’s ability to succeed in their competitive market space. Solidify your foundation in the concepts of leading the fiscal fortunes for your company.

Accountant Training

Enhance your ability to fluently speak the language of finance and accounting so you can confidently and competently take your seat at the leadership table. Move  you and your company beyond the numbers.

Create your success through financial leadership!

Our Financial Leadership Workshop Self Study was designed exclusively for the financial leaders of entrepreneurial companies!


The Strategic CFOTM is a boutique consulting & advisory firm assisting clients with challenges in the following practice areas – accounting, restructuring (in court and out of court), turnaround, finance, and operations.

Our services are designed to enhance financial leadership to meet the ever demanding changes of organizations to support their rapid growth and changing fiscal needs.

Through our services of coaching, consulting, restructuring, and retained search, we provide entrepreneurial companies with a wide variety of cost-effective customizable solutions and resources.

Our mission is to create success through financial leadership in entrepreneurial companies and add value to our clients.


Financial Leadership Workshop

  • Held in a live classroom setting
  • 4 Digital Workbook (1 each class)
  • 4 Leadership Book (1 each class)
  • 40 CPE Credits Total (NASBA Sponsor)
  • Lifetime Access to the SCFO Lab
  • Interaction with Financial Leaders from around the world
  • Access to FLW Community


Art of the CFO – January 11-14th, 2022

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