Refund Policy

The Strategic CFO, LLC and SCFO LAB have created the following refund policy keeping in mind that we put our clients first.

SCFO LAB Subscriptions:

The subscription to the SCFO LAB is a month to month agreement with our customers. Our subscribers may terminate membership at any time and your subscription will be cancelled.

The Strategic CFO, LLC will charge your credit card monthly for the SCFO Lab subscription. The subscription will remain active month to month. It is the responsibility of the customer/subscriber to notify The Strategic CFO, LLC by email that they want to cancel their subscription. You will not be charged for the month following the cancellation notice.

The subscription charges are processed in our CRM based on your e-mail address.

If you dispute charges on your credit card, then The Strategic CFO, LLC will refund your charges to your credit card if it was determined to be a system error or in case of duplicate e-mails.

Cancellations received at a month cut off, or weekend will be refunded for the previous month.

It is your responsibility as the subscriber joining the SCFO LAB to notify us of cancellations. Disputed charges will be considered on a one-on-one basis. But at no time will charges past 90 days be refunded to you. All charges more than 90 days old are considered final and no refund. It is your responsibility to review your credit card charges and notify The Strategic CFO, LLC of any cancellation.


You may purchase a number of financial products on line from The Strategic CFO, LLC. Downloaded files or products are not subject to refund. All sales are final, and there is no refund.
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