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More Questions Your Banker Wants Answered…

In a recent post, I talked about a conversation I had with our banker and the three questions she’d most like answers to.  In case you missed it, her questions were… How are you feeling about your business and the local economy? What is the outlook for the rest of the year? What are you

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Networking Lessons from a Green Beret

Many of us struggle with the notion of networking.  We know we should do it, but how do you fit it in with everything else going on?  Given that the benefits of networking are often not seen until months or years later, it’s easy to put it at the bottom of the “to-do” list. Networking

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3 Benefits of an Analysis of Customer Profitability

Over time weeds grow in any garden. In the same way, unprofitable customers work their way into your company. To avoid the high costs of low profit customers, you should perform an annual analysis of customer profitability. Therefore, weed your garden of customers who are sapping your profits and cash flow. Although there are many

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Manage your Banking Relationship

See Also: Financial Jargon Categories of Banks Finding the Right Lender Funding Source Versus Lender Interest Definition Is it Time to Find a New Bank? In order to manage your banking relationship a key strategy is to establish lines of open communication with your banker. Treat them as your friend instead of an adversary. If you are

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Interest Rate in Selecting a Loan

See Also: What is Compound Interest Effective Rate of Interest Calculation Interest Expense Nominal Interest Rate Interest Rate Swaps Why is the interest rate in selecting a loan not the best indicator? First off, the interest rate is always important. It determines the size of your loan payments. There are, however, other considerations which may

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How to Manage your Lawyer

Manage Your Lawyer Communication is a prerequisite for hiring a lawyer! Before a company and a lawyer can effectively begin dealing with one another on legal issues, they must be in communication with one another as to both parties’ goals and expectations. Either a lack of or breakdown in communications causes an inordinate amount of disputes

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Supply and Demand Elasticity

See Also: Economic Indicators Balance of Payments Stagflation The Feds Beige Book What are the Twin Deficits? The Supply and Demand Elasticity Supply and demand elasticity is a concept in economics that describes the relationship between increases and decreases in price and increases and decreases in supply and/or demand. We have described it in greater

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Relationship With Your Lender

See Also: What do Lenders Really Look at What Does a Lender Want to Know Don’t Tell Your Lender Everything Due Diligence on Lenders Every Business Has a Funding Source, Few Have a Lender Relationship Tips With Your Lender The question I get most often from people is “What affects my relationship with my lender

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Price Earnings Growth Ratio Analysis

See Also: Financial Ratios Price Earnings Ratio Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) Price Earnings Growth Ratio Analysis Definition Price earnings growth ratio (PEG ratio) expresses the relationship among current stock price, a company’s earning per share, and earnings expected future growth. Similar to the Price earnings ratio, the lower the PEG, the more undervalued the

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Partnership Definition A partnership is a type of business organization. Two or more individuals own and operate this business organization. These individuals are partners. Furthermore, it is unincorporated. Although it is not considered a legal entity separate from its owners, the details of this arrangement are stipulated in a contract. Call that contract a partnership

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Joint Venture (JV)

See Also: Joint Costs Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Enterprise Value (EV) Due Diligence C Corporation A joint venture or JV is simply the combination of two or more businesses which are joined to enter into a specific business venture. The relationship is temporary until a certain event occurs or the venture has run its course.

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Finding The Right Lender

See Also: Bankers’ Language is Financial Jargon Categories of Banks Funding Source Versus Lender How to Manage Your Banking Relationship Interest Rate Is it Time to Find a New Bank? How to Find The Right Lender During a question and answer portion of a recent speaking engagement, I was asked “How do you find the

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