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Action Plan Definition

An action plan, defined as a plan which explains the action to take place in full detail, is a personal plan as much as it is a business tool. In any action plan, there are 3 main factors: what must be done, what tools are needed to do this, and when it will be finished. In this way an action plan format is universal: every action plan answers 3 main questions.

Action Plan Explanation

The action plan explanation is the what, how, and when of achieving a goal. It is also an essential business document. Because the action plan establishes exactly what needs to be done to achieve a goal, it is so important. Whether the goal is to open a business, complete a project, or organize the paperclips on a desk, the action plan is the path to thorough completion of the task. Though the tasks differ for each action plan, medical staffing and pizza delivery as an example, the structure of the plan remains the same.
They often become a part of a larger action plan outline. In business, you combine specific action plans to finally create a master action plan. This is the business plan. For example, we even created a plan of action to write this article. Though the project was set back for unexplained reasons, the action plan was finally completed, with the article written on software and published to the internet. For it, a writer was needed as well as a computer, internet access, and a subject matter. In this way, every goal will have an action plan if it is to be achieved.


For example, Vito is the owner of an Italian restaurant. Coming from his motherland to a new home in the United States, he is an expert in authentic cuisine from southern Italy. Vito loves his food, his work, and his business.

Main Goal

Vito has created an action plan to create a pizza. First, the goal is to have a pizza ready for the customer in a maximum of 30 minutes. This is the main goal of the plan.


Next, the action plan establishes the tools to make a pizza. Vito needs dough, cheese, miscellaneous toppings, and the tomato sauce with the secret recipe from his grandmother. Vito assembles these tools every day.


Then, he creates a timeline. In the first minute, you must knead the dough. After that, it takes 5 minutes to add all of the toppings. Vito knows it takes an additional 20 minutes of oven time to make the pizza. This leaves 4 minutes for accidents, distractions, and other time extensions.


Following his method, Vito is able to make his company a great success. His pizzas are delicious and customers love the secret sauce. Vito even created an action plan, marketing for his business, which focused mainly on finding a good location and creation an eye-catching sign. Vito loves his work, so he creates an action plan for achieving goals each part of it. This way he can achieve his tasks and come home happy that he has done valuable work.
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action plan, Action Plan Definition, Action Plan Explanation

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action plan, Action Plan Definition, Action Plan Explanation
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