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Marketing Fraud

See also: Intangible Assets: Protecting Your Brand and Reputation The Red Flags of Fraud Dealing with Employee Fraud Marketing Plan 7 Warning Signs of Fraud Marketing Mix Protect Yourself: A Guide to Non-Compete Agreements Does Your Business Need A Financial Audit? Becoming a Smart CEO Marketing Fraud Definition The marketing fraud definition is the false

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The Hooter Meter: Main Street’s Economic Indicator

On Thursday, natural gas prices hit a 17-year low. Ouch… We often talk about how to manage your company and the best way to judge what the economy is doing. One of the simplest (and most often overlooked) things to do is to look beyond what’s right in front of you to the hints the economy has left behind.

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If It’s Always On Sale, Is It Ever On Sale?

When you walk into a shopping mall, what do you see? I see sale signs everywhere! How could a company ever make money if its products or services are always on sale? 50% off, buy 1 get 1 free, 70%… It never ends. Have you wondered if it’s always on sale, is it ever on sale? Marketing

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Preparing a Loan Package

See Also: Can Factoring Be Better Than A Bank Loan? Loan Term Prepare an Investor Package Good Budgeting Processes What the Banker Wants You to Know Does Your Management Team Understand the Financials? Preparing a Loan Package Guide Knowing the process of preparing a loan package can be one of the most resourceful tools for

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Marketing Your Company using WikiCFO

Getting Published in Today’s Environment Getting published in newspapers, magazines and books is an effective way to market your company. Unfortunately, with newspaper circulation declining and the use of syndicated columnists, it is difficult to publish your company in your local newspaper. If you can get two articles a year published, you are way ahead

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Marketing Plan

See Also: Marketing Mix (4 P’s of Marketing) Marketing Your Company using WikiCFO Compensation Plan Strategic Planning Process Action Plan Marketing Plan Definition The marketing plan definition is the plan to cultivate and harvest demand for the products of a business, and it is part of the business plan. A marketing plan outlines answers to

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Marketing Mix (4 P’s of Marketing)

See Also: 5 C’s of Credit (5 C’s of Banking) Economic Production Run (EPR) Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) Market Segmentation Porter’s Five Forces of Competition Strategic Planning Process Marketing Mix 4 P’s Definition The marketing mix 4 P’s is a method for marketing a product. This is based upon the type of product, the price,

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Market Segmentation

See Also: Market Positioning Market Dynamics Marketing Mix (4 P’s of Marketing) Value Chain Porter’s Five Forces of Competition Market Segmentation Definition Segmentation marketing is a smaller set within the market as a whole. You can divide this by age, gender, price, race, interests, etc. Often times marketers try and find these market segments to

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Market Positioning

See Also: Company Life Cycle Pricing Strategies Marking to Market Benchmarking Capitalization Market Positioning Definition What is market position? In marketing and business strategy, market position refers to the consumer’s perception of a brand or product in relation to competing brands or products. Market positioning refers to the process of establishing the image or identity

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Estimate Expenses for Annual Budget

See Also: Capital Budgeting Methods Zero-Based Budget Cash Flow Projections ProForma Financial Statements Proforma Earnings Make Educated Estimates for Annual Budget How do you estimate expenses for annual budget in your company? Estimating expenditures for your business can be much more than just a guess. You can use data and previous experience to make an

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Sales and Marketing Compensation

See Also: How to Keep Your Corporate Veil Closed Corporate Veil Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Intrinsic Value- Stock Options Golden Parachute How to Hire New Employees Sales and Marketing Compensation Compensating sales and marketing employees is a critical, and complicated, issue for many companies. Sales incentives are very common today and many companies experience

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Five Reasons To Pay Attention To CRM Software

See Also: How Do You Know When It Is Time to Buy New Software? How to Choose New Software Technology Assessment Criteria How to Choose a Software Dealer Technology Strategy for Small to Medium Sized Companies Five Reasons To Pay Attention To CRM Software (Customer Relationship Management) Customer Relationship Management or CRM software is not

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