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CFO Tools For Your Collection

Here are many state-of-the-art CFO tools that will take your financial skills to the next level!

Strategic CFO™ created the following tools for our consulting clients. Eventually, these tools became the standard for how we helped clients. When we launched the SCFO Lab, these tools (and much more) became the central focus. How to use them, when to use them, and why you would need to use them… Now, you can access the individual tools for only $9 each.

All of the following tools (and more) are included with an SCFO Lab Membership. Consider becoming a member before you purchase any stand alone tools!

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Excel without formulas

Handle and analyze your data. Save time using Microsoft Excel.
From the administrative to the business analysis/data mining tasks for your organization. QuickRows offers solutions for your data parameterization without formulas in Excel. Click on the tutorial videos below to learn more.
Flash Report Tool

Our most popular tool among our SCFO Lab members and coaching participants. Strategic CFO™ Flash Report Tool enables you to react quickly, focus on what really matters, and lead your company towards a better financial future.

Projections Tool

Strategic CFO™ Projections Tool enables you to use a dynamic cash flow projection to know how to make decisions with accurate numbers.

Strategic Pricing Model

Strategic CFO™ Strategic Pricing Model enables you to easily determine the profitability of your company’s products & services down to the net income level.

Cash Flow Tune-Up Tool

Strategic CFO™ Cash Flow Tune-Up Tool allows you to analyze the benefits of implementing cash flow improvement strategies in your company.

Exit Strategy Checklist

Strategic CFO™ Exit Strategy Checklist enables you to start asking the right questions so that you can start to create and develop your exit strategy.

Flux Analysis Tool

Strategic CFO™ Flux Analysis Tool enables you to identify areas of improvement using years of financial history in order to improve the profitability of your company.

DSO Cash Cruncher

Strategic CFO™ DSO Cash Cruncher allows you to free up cash, grow quickly, pay down debt efficiently.

SWOT Analysis Survey

Strategic CFO™ SWOT Analysis Survey combines the external analysis with the internal environmental factors to complete an expansive SWOT Analysis.

Sales Genie Tool

Strategic CFO™ Sales Genie Tool allows you to prevent overshooting sales projections in your company.

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