Euronext Definition

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What is Euronext Definition?

What is the Euronext definition? The Euronext exchange was formed in the year 2000 through a merger between the Amsterdam, Paris, and Brussels exchanges. In addition, it is one of the larger exchanges in Europe in terms of trading volume and market capitalization.

Euronext Meaning

The Euronext market is traded using an electronic system called the New Quotation System. The great thing about this electronic system is that it allows an investor to invest without even contacting his/her broker. Simply submit the order via the internet. If the system does not execute the order immediately, then submit it into the limit order book. Euronext currently has agreements with several other European markets, and they have become known as cross-trade agreements. In 2007, Euronext merged with the NYSE group. As a result, many around the world know it as the NYSE-Euronext. It is the first global stock exchange. The most commonly used Euronext index is the CAC 40. In addition, the CAC 40 is the 40 most significant companies in a capitalization weighted index of the 100 largest companies within the Euronext.
euronext definition

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