Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)

Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)

Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) Definition

The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) is among the world’s largest by trading volume and market capitalization. Furthermore, the TSE listed firms are around 2,400.

Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) Meaning

The TSE indexes are both the Nikkei 225 and the TOPIX index. The Nikkei is a price weighted index for the top 225 Japanese companies. Whereas, the TOPIX index is a value weighted index of the “first section” companies. The TSE exchange has three different groups or sections to the market. The first section includes the largest companies in Japan as well as whoever would like to be listed on the TSE market. Then the second section contains mid-sized firms. Finally, the third section is commonly known as the “Mothers” section. The Mothers section of the TSE is for smaller companies that are emerging or are in a high growth stage of development.
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tokyo stock exchange
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tokyo stock exchange
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