Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX)

Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX)

What is Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX)

A merger between the Stock Exchange of Singapore and the Singapore International Monetary Exchange formed the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) in 1999. Furthermore, it is one of the largest Asian exchanges in terms of market capitalization and trading volume.

Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) Meaning

The SGX is well known for its derivatives trading in addition to its equity trading. The make-up of the SGX market is approximately 25% in derivatives while the other 75% in equities. It also has approximately 775 companies listed and the SGX market capitalization is around 650 billion in Singapore Dollars. The SGX index is the Straits Times Index, and is considered to be a key indicator of the Asian markets. The Straits Times takes the 30 largest companies and market-value weights these stocks.
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singapore stock exchange

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singapore stock exchange
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