Capitalization Rate

Capitalization Rate

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Capitalization Rate Definition

The Capitalization Rate definition is a formula which represents the difference between annual net operating income and cost of capital. Its use in the business world serves the main purpose of valuation, including the following:

For example, the rate for hotels provides market knowledge about how well competitors pay for the capital they take.

Capitalization Rate Meaning

Capitalization Rate (CR) means a method to understand how company operations help overcome the cost of capital. Knowing this leads to a piece of information for a company; that it can pay for the price of resources. Furthermore, this shows the value of any project a company chooses to begin. It is a general valuation tool. It is also supported by the use of other financial ratios depending on industry and specific needs. In conclusion, CR is a business valuation tool.

Capitalization Rate Formula

Use the following simple capitalization rate formula to calculate CR. Remember, it can lead to great benefits.

CR = annual net operating income / cost


Capitalization rate is processed, with the proper information, quite easily. See the following example for the capitalization rate calculation:

Net income = $1,000,000
Cost = $250,000

CR = $100,000 / $250,000 = 4

Capitalization Rate and Business Valuation

Are you looking at utilizing capitalization rate as a valuation tool? When valuing a business, it is standard practice to consult with a valuation firm. Need help finding one? We will get you connected with one of our strategic partners for your valuation needs. Fill out the form below to get connected:

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Capitalization Rate Definition, Capitalization Rate Formula, Capitalization Rate
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Capitalization Rate Definition, Capitalization Rate Formula, Capitalization Rate

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