Recruiting a Winning Team

Recruiting a Winning Team

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How to Recruiting a Winning Team

If an organization is to be successful, recruiting a winning team should be a top priority. An organization cannot function efficiently if its personnel are not chosen appropriately. Therefore, certain steps must be taken so that an organization can ensure the best employees are hired.

How to Recruit New Employees

Hire in Haste, Regret in Leisure!

Often companies panic when someone leaves. They feel that the position must be filled as soon as possible. Or, in the case of a new position, they wait until problems occur by not having that position filled. The cost of lost productivity by making a bad hire often outweighs the cost of taking your time to fill the position. Another consideration is: What are the odds that the ideal candidate is available or interested during the search process? Furthermore, the question still remains: What criteria determine how organizations recruit new employees? If you have a short window then the odds are low that your optimum team member is available. By extending your window, you increase your hiring success exponentially.

Hire for Talent, Train for Skills

Most companies identify the skills they need for a particular job and then hire a candidate that already possess the skills they need. They ignore the question of whether the candidate has the talent to grow with the organization. To build a winning team you should do the opposite: Hire for talent then train for skills! It is important for a company to know how to recruit talented employees as opposed to skilled ones.

Determine the Job, Then Find the Person!

In today’s job market companies are inundated with job candidates. Many are extremely talented and skilled. Unfortunately, they may be over-qualified when recruiting a winning team. Consequently, the company spends an enormous amount of time trying to find a position for the candidate. So how do organizations decide how to recruit the best employees for a certain job? Often they redefine the job position to fit the candidate’s skills not what the organization needs to be successful. To build a winning team, you should determine the role to be filled and focus on filling that role.

Don’t Hire Someone You Wouldn’t Eat Lunch With!

If a candidate doesn’t fit in well with the team members, then the team’s performance is in jeopardy. So what is the best way to recruit employees so that they can fit in with existing personnel? When interviewing a candidate you should have them meet one on one with four or five team members. They should meet with both supervisors and subordinates. Finally have someone go to lunch or breakfast with the candidate. If you can’t eat a meal with someone, then how are you going to work well under stress? When recruiting a winning team, it is important to understand that the team members must work well together!

If You Know the Last Chapter, Get There

Face it! We all make mistakes in hiring. The question is how to deal with it. If you know that someone is not a good hire then address the issue immediately. Work out a fair severance package and move on. The longer you delay, the more damage is being done to your team and the farther you are away from recruiting winners.
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recruiting a winning team

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recruiting a winning team
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