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Dealing with People Problems

A wise man once said… “Life is simple, people complicate it.” The same wisdom holds true for business.  If you take a look at the biggest headaches that you have to deal with on a daily basis, chances are good that the majority of them have to do with people. Dealing with People Problems So

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True Definition of Entrepreneur

The True Definition of Entrepreneur What is the true definition of entrepreneur? Some say that it is a person who runs a business at his own financial risk and others may say it is someone who organizes and manages any enterprise. However do those “textbook” definitions truly define an entrepreneur in this day and age?

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Recruiting a Winning Team

See Also: How to Hire New Employees Designing an Effective Internship Program How to Recruiting a Winning Team If an organization is to be successful, recruiting a winning team should be a top priority. An organization cannot function efficiently if its personnel are not chosen appropriately. Therefore, certain steps must be taken so that an

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