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How long do you keep a job?

That’s the biggest question being asked by both employees and employers alike: how long do you keep a job? What’s normal in this day and age? If you would have asked 20 or 30 years ago, the answer would have been: “You keep a job for 20-30 years.” So, how long do you keep a

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Hiring Expectations for Recent Graduates

It’s the first week of May which means that caps will soon be flying in the air and college graduates will be entering the workforce.  What these new workers may not know is that employers often have an unspoken expectation that graduates arrive job-ready on day one… Sounds pretty reasonable, right? But with advances in

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Can You Grow a Company With Only “A” Players?

LeBron James: hate him or love him, you have to admit that he’s a talented basketball player. When he started out his career in Cleveland, he was a promising player. Unfortunately, his gifts were too much for the team since there wasn’t a support system to cultivate his “A” player qualities. After 7 years, James

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Recession = Fewer Professional Jobs Available

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past 15 months, then you have probably noticed that the decline in oil prices has resulted in many Houston businesses experiencing symptoms of an economic recession. What does a recession mean for you? Historically, recessions equate to reduced availability of professional jobs. While the effects of the free fall in oil

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Do Job Titles Matter?

Many of you will recognize this video clip from the classic comedy Cheers where Woody, intending to ask for a raise, gets tricked into accepting (actually demanding) a job title instead. Do Job Titles Matter? So, do job titles matter?  Under what circumstances would a sane person accept a title in lieu of a raise? 

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Dealing with People Problems

A wise man once said… “Life is simple, people complicate it.” The same wisdom holds true for business.  If you take a look at the biggest headaches that you have to deal with on a daily basis, chances are good that the majority of them have to do with people. Dealing with People Problems So

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The 3 Most Important Interview Questions

Preparing for a job interview can be intimidating. What should you wear?  Will you be able to find the place?  How early should you arrive? But probably the most terrifying concern of all is “What questions will they ask?”. 3 Important Interview Questions Bernard Marr wrote a great article on LinkedIn that can help take

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Behavior of Successful People

When researching the behavior of successful people, I came along an article regarding unsuccessful people. Steve Tobak wrote an article in Entrepreneur called 10 Behaviors You Never See in Successful People.  In his experience working with business owners over several decades, Tobak observed that behavior, as opposed to intrinsic characteristics or habits, determined whether an individual

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How Not to Get the Interview

When we’re conducting a CFO search for clients, it’s not unusual for me to read through (yes, I actually read them) hundreds of resumes looking for people I’d like to get to know better in an interview.  Through the process, I sometime feel a little like Goldilocks;  some resumes are too long and detailed, some

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Workplace Diversity

See Also: Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace Co-employment in a PEO Arrangement What is Workplace Diversity? Diversity in the Workplace is a reality in most businesses and organizations. If organizations strive to improve their competitive advantage in the market, then they must learn how to successfully manage a diverse workforce. Diversity Management In a workplace,

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Is Employee Turnover a Problem?

Is employee turnover a problem in all companies? All companies lose employees. It’s healthy for an organization to have a measurable turnover. Sometimes people don’t fit into a company’s culture. But other times, employees have emergencies or life changing experiences that separate them from the company.  However, it is not to say that a 0%

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Employee Turnover

See Also: Is Employee Turnover a Problem? Cost of Turnover Demand for Talented People: Addressing Employee Turnover Protect Yourself: A Guide to Non-Compete Agreements Strategy for Managing Cash Hiring Process is Getting Longer Outsource Definition PEO or Outsource Payroll Employee Turnover Definition Employee turnover, or staff turnover, is a measurement of how many employees are

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