Corporate America
Corporate America

A thought occurred to me while digesting the news that the current presidential administration, upon discovering that most new jobs are created by small businesses, has seen fit to offer “help” to them in order to save the Republic.

Corporate America

What a fine land this is to live in for a large business! Governments at all levels will bow before you. And they will grant every wish you have in exchange for locating your operations in their taxing jurisdiction. But, this only happens if you bring “jobs” and their families along. Health care “reform” means politicians cater to your every concern and ensure that someone else pays for it. Most likely, the person paying is the small businessman whom those politicians claim to defend from “big government.”
This is no longer a land for the risk taker, the entrepreneur, and the individual who dares to live their life differently. It is definitely not for the person who just wears a certain brand of clothes or drives a certain car to prove their individuality.
The federal government doesn’t care about you when it needs taxes to pay for all of its excessive borrowing. This excessive borrowing went to subsidize the foolishness of large Wall Street firms. It had also been subsidizing those firms with easy credit and low rates for a long time before.
Yet now, Uncle Sam needs you lest the proletariat wake from its slumber due to double digit employment. And so, once more, we prove the managed economy is a failure; yet we cling to it, as children settled into our beds for a long winter’s nap – waiting for Santa to bring gifts for us to open in the morning.
Corporate America


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