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Creatives in the Workplace: Are you the Machine or the Inventor?

Here in Texas, graduation is approaching. It makes you wonder… How do those potential candidates stand out in a crowd if thousands of them are competing for the same job position? Believe it or not, you were in that same situation once. If you identify with the older generation, how did you land the job you

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The Key to Having a Unique Business? Unique People!

Over the years of teaching in an entrepreneurship program, I realized a pattern. As expected, every entrepreneur thinks his business is unique. But in having a unique business, who works for you? What value do they bring to the table? Do they make your business “unique”? To some extent, they probably do! These are questions we will explore, but

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True Definition of Entrepreneur

The True Definition of Entrepreneur What is the true definition of entrepreneur? Some say that it is a person who runs a business at his own financial risk and others may say it is someone who organizes and manages any enterprise. However do those “textbook” definitions truly define an entrepreneur in this day and age?

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UH Entrepreneurship Mentor Program

The University of Houston Wolff School for Entrepreneurship is looking for seasoned, compassionate entrepreneurs to mentor a university student through an experience that has the potential to change both lives. The UH Entrepreneurship Mentor Program has changed lives. Every year the University of Houston educates 2,000 students in entrepreneurship. From this pool, the Wolff Center for

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Corporate America

A thought occurred to me while digesting the news that the current presidential administration, upon discovering that most new jobs are created by small businesses, has seen fit to offer “help” to them in order to save the Republic. Corporate America What a fine land this is to live in for a large business! Governments

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Financing a Startup

Recently came across an article in the London Times about how to approach financing a startup or new business. Overall it’s a pretty good summary of the basic dos and don’ts. Do know what you can do without today. Negotiate with your suppliers so that you can get better terms on your payables, such as

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Entrepreneurs Want Solutions, Not Problems

Accountants are trained to prepare accurate financial statements and information. They identify problems, risks, and errors in financial information. And as they advance in their careers, they continue to tackle larger and larger problems. At some point in their careers, they need to change their approach if they are going to become a contributing member

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What an Entrepreneur Wants From a CFO/Controller!

Most accountants are trained to identify problems. In fact, as a professional, they excel at identifying problems and minimizing risks. Two excellent examples of this skill is the audit and tax compliance areas of public accounting. What an Entrepreneur Wants From a CFO/Controller Entrepreneurs are looking for something more from their CFO/Controllers. They take risks

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