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What is QuickRows?

QuickRows is an “add-in” that totally recreates how you analyze data in Excel. Access QuickRows to learn how you can create complex pivot tables and perform data analytics. All without writing a single formula

Analyze data and extract desired data in seconds without writing formulas or applying filters.

Pivot Tables, Filters, VLOOKUP are all great functions within Excel. But you need to be an intermediate to advanced user to take full advantage of them. And they do take time to create, test and debug…

Not anymore. With QuickRows create Pivot Tables with a couple clicks. No need to remember complicated steps and parameters! Extract desired data in seconds, without writing formulas or applying filters.

Use Quick Rows and within a couple clicks manipulate your data to:

  • Select data from a listing with the same text or value
  • Sort & total columns (Sum, Count, Max, Min, Average, Mode, distinct values, empty cells)
  • Create a Pivot Table 
  • Build a Quick Analysis Table, including slicers & totalization headers
  • Standardize your text and clean your tables
  • Create complex operations (algebraic operations & text concentrations)
  • Link your worksheets, merge data from subsidiary tables
  • Consolidate multiple worksheets, even with different column structures
  • Apply smart formatting, according to selected texts, values or ranges
  • Complete rearrangement of data

Drill down your data

QuickRows add-in downloads on your computer only once.  After download, it will work in the background as soon as you open excel.  (make sure Macros are enabled).

Use QuickRows with any spreadsheet.  For instance, learn a few easy steps such as Ctrl 1, Ctrl 2, or open the Quick Rows menu (Ctrl-Q) to select your data and get more creative.

In addition, create complex Pivot Tables with “Slicers” to drill down your data for analysis.


Data Analysis Made Easy!

No more formulas needed to achieve fast results in Excel with QuickRows.

Now even a basic user of Excel can create powerful Pivot Tables and analyze data in seconds for a low price of $4.99/month!  
Save dozens of hours because you no longer need to write formulas when analyzing your data. 

Webinar: Feel the Power of QuickRows

Did you miss our webinar demonstrating the power of QuickRows? Don’t worry, we’ve uploaded it here for you! 

This powerful data analysis tool saves you time and increases productivity in the daily tasks of data preparation, analysis and visualization in Microsoft Excel. This add-in provides quick and easy one-click pivot table construction, data analysis and dashboard construction.

Video Walkthroughs

QuickRows: Data Analysis made easy

Quick analysis of tables

How to select rows and create a new listing tutorial

How to configure double-click actions

Row Selection

The Quick Table Analyzer provides a powerful canvas to perform advanced data mining without formulas. In other words, just click to select combined values, calculate Sum, Count, Distinct values, empty cells, Max, Min and Average values for each data combination in your worksheet.



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