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Exit Strategy Checklist

Capture As Much Value With Our Exit Strategy Checklist

Improve the value of your company! Create your exit strategy without leaving a dime on the table.

Strategic CFO™ Exit Strategy Checklist enables you to start asking the right questions so that you can start to create and develop your exit strategy…

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What The Exit Strategy Checklist Includes:

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What To Expect From The Projections Tool

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The Exit Strategy Checklist is a comprehensive list of questions that need to be asked when creating and developing an exit strategy. Some of the questions include properties, IT, personal considerations, IP, valuation drivers, and many more...

Sample Questions

Do you have a list of all general and special powers of attorney granted by the Company, and copies of all public instruments containing such powers of attorney and the revocations thereof?
Do you have all material third-party agreements, including any agreements with a governmental authority or an entity controlled by a governmental authority?

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Why put off preparing your exit strategy? 

Strategic CFO™ Exit Strategy Checklist enables you to start asking the right questions so that you can start to create and develop your exit strategy.

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