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Cash is in Your Business

See Also: Cash Flow After Tax Cash Cycle Financing A Startup Company How to Collect Accounts Receivable Monetize How to Develop A Daily Cash Report Cash Flow Statement Cash is in Your Business I received a call from a desperate prospect, Sue. As always, I started asking questions about the business. To begin, I asked

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Accounts Receivable Collection Letter

See Also: Collect accounts receivable Why Use a 13-Week Cash Flow Report as a Management Tool? Unlock Cash in Your Business Accounts Receivable Collection Letter Always send reminder and collection letters. Letters combined with calls can help speed up your collections! Trigger points for letters may be as follows: Balance at 30 days receives a

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How to Develop a Daily Cash Report

Learn how to develop a daily cash report in today’s blog. Use the Daily Cash Report to report on the daily cash balance and to help manage cash on a weekly basis. This tool is especially useful when entering a situation where active cash management is required for your daily cash flow. The daily cash

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Who Is Swimming Naked In Your Back Yard?

Warren Buffet has a saying that goes as follows… “You never know who is swimming naked until the tide goes out”. This past week there have been two major businesses who have been exposed as having been “swimming naked”. The major blow up was the investment manager Bernard Madoff, founder of Bernard L. Madoff Investments

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Financing a Startup

Recently came across an article in the London Times about how to approach financing a startup or new business. Overall it’s a pretty good summary of the basic dos and don’ts. Do know what you can do without today. Negotiate with your suppliers so that you can get better terms on your payables, such as

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