Economic Value Added

Economic Value Added

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Economic Value Added Definition

Economic value added (EVA) measures the effects of managerial actions. It also focuses on managerial effectiveness in a given year.

Economic Value Added Formula

Use the following formulas to calculate the EVA:

EVA = Operating profit after taxes – Cost of all capital

Or = (Sales revenue – operating costs –taxes) – (total capital supplied * cost of capital)

Economic Value Added Calculation

For example, a company has $10,000 in operating profit, $50,000 in debt and weighted average cost of capital of 10%. The economic value added calculation can be found below:

EVA = 10,000 – (50,000 * 10%) = 5,000


EVA is an estimate of a company’s true economic profit for the year. But it differs substantially from accounting profit. It depends on both operating efficiency and balance sheet management. Furthermore, without operating efficiency, operating profits will be low. In addition, without efficient balance sheet management, there will be too many assets, hence too much capital. In conclusion, it results in higher-than necessary capital costs.
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economic value added
economic value added

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