Jan 24

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Entrepreneurs Want Solutions, Not Problems

Accountants are trained to prepare accurate financial statements and information. They identify problems, risks, and errors in financial information. And as they advance in their careers, they continue to tackle larger and larger problems. At some point in their careers, they need to change their approach if they are going to become a contributing member of management and possible a CFO. We’re going to discuss below why entrepreneurs want solutions.

Entrepreneurs Want Solutions, Not Problems

One of the differences between an accountant and CFO is that an accountant will identify the problem; however, a CFO will provide a solution. Entrepreneurs solve problems all day long. As a result, they are looking for team members that will ease their burden and provide solutions to problems.

So the next time you identify a problem, go one step further and identify a solution. This mind step will go far in advancing your career!

Entrepreneurs Want Solutions

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