May 16

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Good Source for Short Term Talent

We just hired a summer intern from a local MBA program. During the year, we had several projects that we had identified that we wanted to accomplish. But we didn’t have the resources to pull off. We waited until the summer came around then sought out a MBA student whose talents could be applied to the project. So, what’s a good source for short term talent?

Good Source for Short Term Talent

You might think that finding an intern would be difficult. It’s not. We networked with several local universities and they were all interested in placing their students in challenging work environments for the summer. We received 35 resumes from Rice University, half a dozen from Texas A&M University and had meetings with the faculty of St.Thomas University. Everyone of those universities were excited to match us up with candidates. It was a win-win situation.

We interviewed several and finally selected an individual whose talents fit the project. We are excited to finally begin some initiatives that we have been holding off on for six months or more.

If you have a project that you don’t have the resources to devote to I would recommend contacting the various MBA schools in your area. I know that there were more available students than I could handle. In fact, we are going to spend an effort to develop a closer relationship with the universities going forward.

Good Source for Short Term Talent

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