Financial Leadership Tools

Check out some of the tools that are inside the SCFO Lab for only $9 each. These are the financial leadership tools that we use with every consulting client, coaching participant, and SCFO Lab member. Our team has perfected (and continue to perfect) these tools over the last 25 years to be more up-to-date and more applicable to you.

Every Financial Leader Needs These Financial Leadership Tools In Their Toolbox

Flash Report Tool

The Strategic CFO™ Flash Report Tool enables you to react quickly, focus on what really matters, and lead your company towards a better financial future.  (Includes guide and template.)

Strategic Pricing Model

The Strategic CFO™ Strategic Pricing Model enables you to easily determine the profitability of your company’s products & services down to the net income level.  (Includes model and guide.)

Projections Tool

The Strategic CFO™ Projections Tool enables you to use a dynamic cash flow projection to know how to make decisions with accurate numbers. (Includes guide and tool.)

DSO Cash Cruncher

The Strategic CFO™ DSO Cash Cruncher allows you to free up cash in your business, grow sustainably, and pay down debt efficiently. (Includes guide and worksheet.)

Cash Flow Tune-Up Tool

The Strategic CFO™ Cash Flow Tune-Up Tool allows you to analyze the benefits of implementing cash flow improvement strategies in your company. (Includes guide and tool.)

Exit Strategy Checklist

The Strategic CFO™ Exit Strategy Checklist enables you to start asking the right questions so that you can start to create and develop your exit strategy. (Includes printable pdf.)

SWOT Analysis Survey

The Strategic CFO™ SWOT Analysis Survey combines the external analysis with the internal environmental factors to complete an expansive SWOT Analysis.  (Includes printable pdf.)

Sales Genie Tool

The Strategic CFO™ Sales Genie Tool allows you to prevent overshooting sales projections in your company. (Includes guide and tool.)

Other Financial Leadership Tools

If you are looking for more, then there are several more options to look for financial leadership tools at The Strategic CFO. Those include consulting, coaching, and SCFO Lab.


Bring one of our CFO or Controller consultants in to implement these financial leadership tools and more in our 8-step process. This can be done for less than the cost of a full-time CFO – saving you both time, money, and the risk of making a mistake. Our team of trained professionals and support team make improving profits and cash flow a breeze.


Need a little coaching to take that extra step? We designed several coaching programs with specific people in mind.


Access all the tools above PLUS 20+ Execution Plans that includes tools, templates, best practices, case studies, and more. In addition, get connected with our team during bimonthly Office Hours AND other financial leaders in the SCFO Lab Community.

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