Aug 6

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Did you have your favorite brew for breakfast this morning?

Hey, did you have your favorite brew for breakfast this morning? I did!

Did you have your favorite brew for breakfast this morning?

I was on my way to The Strategic CFO office today and stopped by the HEB off of 290. As I walked up, I noticed a new coffee shop inside of HEB — Sertinos Coffee. There was a sign up that said it was closed for training, but I decided to make sure that they weren’t serving any coffee. The owner graciously greeted me and offered me a latte. It was incredible.  I was also very impressed by the generosity of the owner, Cliff Hilton (pictured here).

Coffee Owner

Cliff Hilton, Owner of Sertinos Coffee

I stayed and chatted with Mr. Hilton about their first location inside of an HEB. He and his wife, Nancy, are full of entrepreneurial spirit. They plan to add Sertinos Coffee into more HEB grocery stores. The company also has Sertinos Café at 5657 Eastex Freeway in Beaumont. They serve numerous types of coffees, teas, sandwiches, and desserts. Take a look at some of their different coffee varieties here.

Cliff, Caroline and Dennis

Cliff, Caroline and Dennis

Since they closed the café for training, I also got to meet the Hilton’s newest two employees: Caroline and Dennis (pictured here).

Coffee Shop Entrepreneur in Ever-Competitive Market

They are training an energetic staff, and I’m confident that each café will have a lively atmosphere. It’s great to see entrepreneurs opening local Texas coffee shops and specializing in the ever-competitive coffee market. Make sure to be on the lookout for their grand opening.

All their coffees are rated very highly. In addition, I can say that the latte is one of the best around.

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coffee shop entrepreneur

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