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Exploit New Business Opportunities

In this age of technology, it’s time for companies to be willing to exploit new business opportunities. More than ever before, companies are navigating this fast-pace and uncertain terrain. Bankruptcies, mergers, acquisitions, reductions, etc… It’s all changing the business landscape. But if companies do not exploit new business opportunities in fear of failing, then they

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How do you tell an entrepreneur that their business sucks?

Your business sucks… How does that make you feel? Probably upset, maybe a little defensive. But what if it’s the truth? Many entrepreneurs generate new ideas as if it were a bodily function. As you have likely seen, not all ideas result in a multimillion dollar venture. Some of those ideas will fail to even bring a penny in!

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Networking Lessons from a Green Beret

Many of us struggle with the notion of networking.  We know we should do it, but how do you fit it in with everything else going on?  Given that the benefits of networking are often not seen until months or years later, it’s easy to put it at the bottom of the “to-do” list. Networking

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True Definition of Entrepreneur

The True Definition of Entrepreneur What is the true definition of entrepreneur? Some say that it is a person who runs a business at his own financial risk and others may say it is someone who organizes and manages any enterprise. However do those “textbook” definitions truly define an entrepreneur in this day and age?

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CEOs Want a Wingman

As part of my research on leadership for our Coaching Workshops, I met with several Houston-area entrepreneurs to determine what a CEO wants in a CFO.  One of the last people I met with made a comment that I felt summed up all the things the CEOs were looking for.  He said he was basically looking for

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What is a Business Model?

Entrepreneurs and businesspeople have many different definitions of what is a business model. Business Model Definition In the simplest form, business models are the method and strategy that a business or organization uses to operate. This includes the purpose, systems, and people that work together to add value to customers. These components can either be

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Did you have your favorite brew for breakfast this morning?

Hey, did you have your favorite brew for breakfast this morning? I did! Did you have your favorite brew for breakfast this morning? I was on my way to The Strategic CFO office today and stopped by the HEB off of 290. As I walked up, I noticed a new coffee shop inside of HEB

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Relationship With Your Lender

See Also: What do Lenders Really Look at What Does a Lender Want to Know Don’t Tell Your Lender Everything Due Diligence on Lenders Every Business Has a Funding Source, Few Have a Lender Relationship Tips With Your Lender The question I get most often from people is “What affects my relationship with my lender

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Mezzanine Financing

See Also: External Sources of Cash What Does A Lender Want To Know Finding The Right Lender Due Diligence on Lenders Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) Mezzanine Financing Definition A mezzanine lender, provider of mezzanine financing, functions similar to a bank in terms of providing a source of capital for companies. They get their

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Every Business Has A Funding Source, Few Have A Lender

See Also: Bankers’ Language is Financial Jargon Categories of Banks Finding the Right Lender How to Manage Your Banking Relationship Interest Rate Is it Time to Find a New Bank? Every Business Has A Funding Source, Few Have A Lender While visiting with a potential customer, he asked, “Why are lenders such an obstacle standing

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Cash Flow Statement Example

See Also: Cash Flow Statement Statement of Financial Accounting Standards (SFAS) What is GAAP? Daily Cash Flow Forecast Prepare an Investor Package Cash Flow Statement Example For example, Saundra has started providing angel investment to promising start-up businesses. Operating under the name Angelco, she is using the wealth she built in her professional career to

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