A Whole Lot of Kissing Going On!
A Whole Lot of Kissing Going On!

If you were like me for the most part you took off the last two weeks of the year and coasted at work. Most people didn’t want to start new projects or make sales calls. It seems with 2 1/2 work weeks and the emotional stress of the last quarter everyone need a break. I know I did!
But this first week back it seems everyone is coming out of the woodwork! We are getting tons of emails and phone calls. Everyone wants to meet and follow up on introductions. I can’t seem to get to them all and still get my work done. I have been going from meeting to meeting and talking on the phone half the day.
Yesterday I finally sat back and asked “what’s going on?” I thought about who was calling and what was the short term results? I came to the conclusion that there is a whole lot of kissing going on, but, not a lot of sex!
What I mean is that most of the people wanting to meet were other service providers who wanted to network but didn’t have much business going on. There wasn’t any actual sales leads coming in. It appears that everyone is hitting the ground running trying to work twice as hard to generate the same amount of sales. Not a bad idea!

A Whole Lot of Kissing Going On


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