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Learn to LeadOn Saturday, May 16th, former US Secretary of State and four-star Army general Colin Powell delivered the commencement address at Rice University.  His topic was one that is near and dear to our hearts; leadership.  Here are some of our favorite pieces of advice he had for the class of 2015 about how to learn to lead.

Learn To Lead

“Remember it ain’t where you start in life that counts, but what you do with life that will determine where you end up in life.”

Money and position will or will not follow, but satisfaction will always be there. Always have a purpose in life beyond position and money.”

Leadership isn’t hard to learn, but demanding to practice.”

Leadership is all about inspiring people to believe in the purpose and believe in you—trust and respect.”

“Go forth and raise strong families, remembering that all you can ever leave behind is your reputation, your good works and your children for the next generation.”

Not bad words to live by… To learn to lead, discover our Financial Leadership Program by clicking here.

Learn to Lead

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  1. Tom Gallagher June 26, 2019 at 12:28 am #

    What if you’re sterile and unable to have children; have taken a vow of chastity; or are otherwise childless? Powell seems to equate that with failure or that it would preclude any notion of success. Poor.

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