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July 2014 Coaching Workshop

July 2014 Coaching WorkshopThis July 2014 Coaching Workshop marks another round of Strategic CFO Coaching Workshops. 

July 2014 Coaching Workshop

While three days of our four-day July workshop are dedicated to existing students, we are excited to be offering openings for a new class! The new students will participate in this July 2014 Coaching Workshop as their first day in the four-day coaching series, and complete their CFO coaching over the course of a year, one class per quarter.

In this first class, new students will learn tools to improve cash flow and profitability. This enables students to immediately reap the benefits of the coaching as they take these skills back to their organizations.

New students also gain the network of their fellow classmates. This becomes a beneficial resource as a coaching student’s career advances.

Read more about the coaching class here.

July 2014 Coaching Workshop

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