In a Small Way First!
In a Small Way First!

Over the years, I’ve worked with companies to improve their profits and cash flow. In doing so, I’ve discovered a common theme: getting people to change – both entrepreneurs and their staff – is difficult. There’s a certain resistance to change with the mentality, “We’ve always done it this way.”
A tactic I use to take the risk and resistance out of change is to propose we do something in a small way first, then come back and expand on it.
This strategy provides several benefits. First off, if it doesn’t work, you haven’t risked everything and shot yourself in the foot. Secondly, it’s a lot harder for someone to object to a small change that – if proven unsuccessful – can be easily fixed. Finally, you might be wrong. Implementing change in a small way takes the risk out of your recommendation.
So the next time you find yourself proposing change and facing resistance, consider lowering the risk and recommending a trial effort. Chances are, you’ll find it an easier sell.


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