Upcoming Conferences for CFOs

Upcoming Conferences for CFOs

A couple of conferences next year of note:
CFO Corporate Performance Management Conference: Turning Analytics Into Action
New York City – January 30-February 1, 2011
The 2011 Corporate Performance Management Conference will offer practical guidance to CFOs on how to produce high-quality and predictive analytics, as well as explore how data is being embraced throughout companies and in diverse business categories. Through presentations from leading thought leaders and cutting-edge case studies, this year’s event will highlight the extensive reach of the data revolution. To finance executives the advantage is clear: good data brings discipline to business-unit planning and performance management and gives finance the insight to make fact-based decisions. More important, by understanding the strategic implications of the data, finance gains the ability to change course in volatile circumstances as well as a true competitive advantage.
The 18th Annual CFO Rising Conference & Exhibition: Creating a Sustainable Edge
Orlando – March 13-16, 2011
Some of the industry’s most powerful and transformative CFOs will gather in Orlando to offer insights, strategies, and concrete solutions to the core challenges you face. Won’t you join us for the 2011 edition of CFO Rising?
Topics covered include:
* Health-care costs
* Human-capital analytics
* Banking relationships
* Scenario planning and forecasting
* Disaster planning
* Managing IT systems
* Fraud prevention
* Energy costs
* Financial statement presentation
* Cash management
* International accounting standards
* Growth strategies
* Regulatory reform
* Global economics
* Travel expense management
* Shipping and logistics
* Facility costs
* Environmental improvements

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