HBJ CFO of the Year Nominations for 2014

HBJ CFO of the Year Nominations for 2014

CFO of the Year NominationsThe Houston Business Journal just announced the finalists for its CFO of the Year award for 2014. The award recognizes the area’s “fearless financial strategists who provide guidance and sound advice to CEOs and directors.” The HBJ received more than 90 CFO of the Year nominations this year for the prestigious CFO of the Year award. The judges, all experts in the industry, narrowed down the field to 16 finalists from various industries, company size and longevity.

Criteria for CFO of the Year Nominations

Criteria the judges reviewed included:

  • implementation of strategic plans
  • achieving or sustaining profitable growth
  • risk identification and management
  • visionary leadership
  • turnaround of an ailing business (in some cases)

Among the finalists this year are our friends Michael Dummer of Wilsherco, Inc. and Geri Pacheco of Arch-Con Corporation (one of last year’s winners).  We are extremely proud of all these two have achieved and wish them the best of luck!
HBJ will announce the winners at the CFO of the Year Awards luncheon at the Hilton Post Oak on August 20.  Click here for the announcement article.


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