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Is the Mailman Dead?

Not Yet! But he doesn’t look good.

A few weeks ago I took off for three days during Spring Break. When I came back to work I had eighty-two emails, six voice mails and two magazines. No letters, no direct mail pieces, no junk mail!

Recently, there were several newspaper articles highlighting the fact that the U.S. Postal Office has joined forces with the Direct Mail association to fight steps to create a “Do Not Mail List”. Talk about strange bedfellows! The U.S. Post Office was worried that the drop in volume would hurt their revenue.

We are advertising more and more via email versus direct mail at The Strategic CFO. In addition, we are looking into invoicing our customers via email. Furthermore, I am paying all of my personal bills using online banking and I just cancelled car insurance on a car I sold versus the insurance agent mailing me a consent form.

All of these trends seem to be pointing to a decline in volume for the U.S. Post Office. I believe that some day in the not too distant future we will hit the tipping point where this decline accelerates. (If it hasn’t already and we just don’t know it!)

Is the Mailman Dead?

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