New Years Resolutions
New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year!!!
The year of 2013 is already off to a great start. I spent most of the day at a Chick-fil-A, with a CFO that I have had the pleasure of getting to know over the last year. We sat there for hours talking about family, friends, work, goals, ect.. As we watched our children run around in the little jungle gym, we were reminded how hectic life can get and how simple it can actually be if we just let go of some of the clutter. We don’t have to move to a remote island , sell everything, or follow a strict Zen routine in order to experience the calmness that comes with simple living.
Today we can start getting rid of the daily extra’s that we carry around us:
-The constant rushing through errands, conversations, and stop lights in order to get to the next moment.
-The questioning of our intuition and straying from our core values for temporary fulfillment.
-The checking of e-mails sporadically throughout the day, while supposedly focusing on an important deadline.
-The saying yes to a commitment, event, project, happy hour when your schedule is already booked.
-The meetings with people in business that we have no intention of doing business with.
-The all-consuming plan for the future that robs us of what we are doing now.
-The talking a problem to death. If we would have just ignored the issue it would have disappeared on its own.
-The customer complaints, get proactive or let them go.
-The getting into other’s business. The co-worker running late or your boss signing a client that rubs you the wrong way, this is their business. Focus on things you can influence!
-The over lengthy e-mails. Respond to e-mails in five sentences or less, and check e-mails at a set time.
-The taking on task that are beyond our scope of knowledge, only to get down the road and have to outsource it anyway.
We crowd our lives and minds with extra’s each day-harmless self task, incessant worrying, attention compromising multi-tasking, unnecessary busyness, that muffle simplicity.
This year we challenge everyone to show up wholly in everything that you do, deepening your connection to both yourself and others, because you are fully present with your attention. You will be amazed at how simple life can become just by showing up in all that you do.
What ways will you de-clutter your life in 2013?
May your year be simple and good to you!!
Laura Koch


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