Nov 27

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Too Many Passwords!

I have way too many passwords. To date I have over 75 and counting! How many passwords do you have?

I have a confession. I am “early adopter” of technology. Consequently, I am adding web sites and new tools all the time. Since I bought my Ipad I have ended up buying over 30 apps. A lot of them requiring a new password. It is becoming a full time job managing the passwords. So I came up with a system to track my passwords.

My system is to keep all of my passwords in an excel spreadsheet on our secure server. If I die or get hit by a bus please tell my wife where they are! Unfortunately, even this simple system is getting cumbersome between my computer, Iphone and Ipad. I am looking for a simple solution.

How are you managing your passwords? Is anybody using a 3rd party app or website to manage their passwords? If you like it please let me know.

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