Growth in 2013

Growth in 2013

There is going to be growth in 2013. I recently read an interesting article highlighting a survey conducted by American Express. It indicates that despite the current climate of economic uncertainty, CFOs are looking to invest to drive growth. The economic uncertainty refers to the recent threat of the fiscal cliff and sluggish economic growth. In addition, CFOs expect to achieve higher revenue and profits in 2013.

Article on Growth in 2013

Here’s an excerpt from the article illustrating this point:

Senior finance executives report positive sentiments for their own companies… [However, they still] harbor continued concern for the U.S. economy in 2013. Three in five senior finance executives (59%) are prioritizing investments in growth… [In contract, 37% of senior finance executives] are focused on saving money in order to protect the bottom line.
Senior finance executives also report a healthy revenue and profit outlook. Three in four respondents (75%) anticipate revenue growth for their own companies in 2013, and 69% expect increased profits. They are also confident they will reach their goals: 84% of senior finance executives are certain their companies will achieve what they set out to accomplish in 2013.
This generally optimistic view also holds when projecting further into the future – 89% of senior finance executives expect to see higher revenues three years from now.

Your Company’s Growth in 2013

What growth plans does your company have for 2013?  Are you planning on investing in new technology, developing new products or services, or expanding into new markets?  Or have you decided that, due to the current economic climate, it’s safer to retrench to protect the bottom line and live to fight another day?
Find the link to the full article here.
Growth in 2013

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