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Dates: (1) October 4, 2019, (2) November 1, 2019, (3) December 6, 2019, and (4) January 10, 2020

Make a change in your career path and go where you want to go!

We developed the Financial Leadership Workshop to coach those responsible for profits and cash flow to become the central financial leader in their company. We empower students to become an influencer and a decision-maker. They are now in control of their career and their company's future.

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What's Involved?

The Financial Leadership Workshop is a 4-day workshop held over 4 months. (1 workshop per month). Each day is focused on a specific topic to help participants fully grasp and understand their role as a financial leader. We work through soft and hard skills, specific situations, and general situations. Our goal is for participants to walk away from each class with a list to work on before the next class. 

Day 1 • Key Concepts

On Day 1, we reconsider perspectives on the role and duties of the financial leader and what a CEO needs. We also train participants on the tools that we use to add millions of profits and cash flow to our clients' businesses.

  • Paradigm shift
  • The change in the accounting function
  • The life cycle of the CFO or financial leader
  • Tools to improve cash flow and profitability

Day 2 • Improving Profitability

Then we focus on how to improve profitability. Typically, financial professionals cut costs to improve profits; however, it is not the only or most effective way to improve profits. Participants will learn other methods and become more of a strategic leader.

  • Analyzing customers
  • Using incentive compensation
  • Pricing for profit
  • Doing more with less

Day 3 • Financing & Cash Flow

The third day of the series focuses on the organization's financing and cash flow needs. Learn how to manage your banking relationship to ensure cash flow needs are met in your company.  

  • What your banker wants you to know
  • Financing
  • Reducing your cash conversion cycle 

Day 4 • Leadership

The fourth day of the series focuses on developing your skills as a financial leader. We will take you beyond the numbers, and you will learn how to advance your career by building effective relationships.  

  • What a CEO wants
  • Building effective teams
  • Working with your peers
  • Managing external relationships
  • Budgeting

What's Included?

Each student receives the following:

  • 4 Workbooks
  • 4 Leadership Books
  • Lifetime Access to the SCFO Lab (usually $37.90/month)
  • Personal Mentorship by Dan Corredor
  • 32 hours of CPE credit

Dan Corredor

President of The Strategic CFO

Meet Your Coach

Dan Corredor, President of The Strategic CFO, is a 28+ year financial and operational executive. He understands businesses at every stage of the life cycle, further guiding participants in their unique situations.

Dan further developed this coaching program for financial professionals in the role of CFO or Controller, with the workshops held at The Strategic CFO offices. He brings a unique perspective by combining his professional experiences with his former accounting clients and now his consulting work with entrepreneurial companies to give workshop participants real-world applicable information.  

Dan's expertise includes the following:  

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Due diligence
  • Post closure business integration
  • Operational and financial restructuring
  • Accounting efficiencies
  • Working capital and cash flow management

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