Flash Report Tool

Access a dashboard that will flash you to the NEXT LEVEL...

The Strategic CFO™ Flash Report Tool enables you to react quickly, focus on what really matters, and lead your company towards a better financial future.

Up until now, the Flash Report Tool has only been offered to our SCFO Lab members. Currently we are offering it to Strategic CFO Insiders at a discounted price for a limited time.

Price: $9.00 ($59.00 Value)

Why put off measuring your company's success?

Start Leading In 3 Simple Steps


Don't wait on financial statements any longer! Run your company in real time so you can react quicker.


We are all about YOU. We created the SCFO Lab because you told us you wanted it. It's because of that, we are all about you. Think of something not in the SCFO Lab? We'll create it and test it. Need help getting the most out of the SCFO Lab? We'll guide you every step of the way.

Customer Focused

Lead your team to the same goal. Think proactively. Make changes in your company based on KPI trends that you otherwise wouldn't see coming.

"The Strategic CFO™ course has given me real-life applicable tools that we now use in our day-to-day operations and help us manage our business..."

Maxx Burrows – President (Former CFO) at Bludworth Marine

Get your Flash Report Tool Today for only $9!

Why put off measuring your company’s success? You can buy The Strategic CFO™ Flash Report Tool right now for only $9.00.

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