Learning the Art of the CFO in the comfort of your own home. 

Typically, the Financial Leadership Workshop is only available in a classroom setting (Houston, TX) or a one-on-one setting... Until now. The Financial Leadership Workshop is now available in the Self Study version for only $1,500 (plus shipping). This is just a fraction of the cost for all 4 workbooks, 4 leadership books, 1 hour of one-on-one virtual coaching, and videos of the workshops (coming soon). Click below to purchase your Financial Leadership Workshop Self Study.

Financial Leadership Development: Get All the Tools, Resources, and Experience You Need to Improve Profits and Cash Flow

The Strategic CFO™ provides the Financial Leadership Program with topics created exclusively for the financial leaders of entrepreneurial companies (entrepreneurs, CEOs, CFOs, and controllers) who are responsible for driving profits and cash flow. The purpose of the workshops is to develop the financial strategies, tactics, and leadership skills required for individuals to become more valued members of their organization, thereby taking themselves, and their companies, to the next level.

The purpose of our financial leadership development program is to develop the financial skills of entrepreneurial companies and result in higher profits and cash flow. It will empower financial professionals to overcome challenges they commonly face. These challenges often prevent career paths from advancing rapidly —  

  • It is not clear what a CEO wants from the CFO or organizational leader
  • There is no mentorship path for someone to advance to CFO
  • The Financial Leader may be in charge of finances but they are not considered a strategic leader in an organization

The topics taught in our workshops for financial leadership development enable you to not only be a CFO (many of our participants are CFOs), but to also become the central financial leader in your company (regardless of title). With our workshops, we empower you to become an influencer and decision-maker. 

Now in addition to providing you with the top financial leadership development training, you also get to go through the coaching program in the comfort of your own home.

When you purchase the Financial Leadership Workshop Self Study, you'll get access to...

  • 1-Hour Free Coaching Session
  • 1-Year Membership to the SCFO Lab
  • Bimonthly Office Hours
  • 4 Workbooks
  • 4 Leadership Books
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Coaching Videos (Coming Soon)

In the Self Study, our team has curated all the resources, case studies, tools, and exercises to enable you to...

  • Lead Your Comany Financially
  • Give Strategic Direction
  • Be a Trusted Advisor
  • Improve Profitability 1-2% of Sales
  • Free Up Cash Flow

Plus, all our Execution Plans in the SCFO Lab are always available to provide more case studies, examples, tools, checklists, and perspectives. 

Coming Soon… We are filming the Financial Leadership Workshop and are working to make it available to you! Whether you decide to purchase now or next year, you will get access to those videos when they are available. 

Get Your Self Study Today

The Financial Leadership Workshop Self Study coaches you on the Art of the CFO. Over 500 hours of coaching, 25 years of experience, and 10s of 1000s of dollars have been invested in developing this curriculum... And it only costs $1,500 (plus shipping) to access it all!

Become part of the community of Financial Leadership Workshop Alumni, and shape the rest of your career. 

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Plus, You'll Get Coaching & Training Beyond the Self Study

One-on-One Coaching with 28-Year Financial Executive, Dan Corredor

Once you purchase and receive your Self Study, schedule a 1-hour virtual one-on-one coaching session with President Dan Corredor to review the key points in the Self Study as well as to answer any of your questions. 

Have questions afterwards? Call or email him with those questions, and he'll be able to answer them.

1-Year Membership to the SCFO Lab

As a coaching alum, you will receive a 1-year membership to the SCFO Lab for free. This online membership gives you all the tools, resources, checklists, and community you need. It also include bimonthly office hours in our private Facebook group.

What Each Workbook Covers:

Workshop 1: Key Concepts

The first workbook focuses on reconsidering perspectives on the role and duties of the financial leader and what a CEO needs. It also includes tools that can immediately be used to improve financials in their organizations.  

  • Paradigm shift
  • The change in the accounting function
  • The life cycle of the CFO or financial leader
  • Tools to improve cash flow and profitability

Workshop 2: Improving Profitability

In the second workbook, we focus on improving profit. Typically, financial professionals look to cutting costs to improve profit. You'll learn other methods that will enable you to be more of a strategic leader in your organization.  

  • Analyzing customers
  • Using incentive compensation
  • Pricing for profit
  • Doing more with less

Workshop 3: Financing & Cash Flow

The third workbook focuses on the organization's financing and cash flow needs. Learn how to manage your banking relationship to ensure cash flow needs are met in your company.  

  • What your banker wants you to know
  • The latest in financing
  • Reducing your cash conversion cycle 

Workhop 4: Leadership

The fourth workbook focuses on developing your skills as a financial leader. We will take you beyond the numbers, and you will learn how to advance your career by building effective relationships.  

  • What a CEO wants
  • Building effective teams
  • Working with your peers
  • Managing external relationships
  • Budgeting