Do you understand how to value your company?

Discover how to maximize business valuation whether or not you intend to sell your company AND understand how to optimize your business as your create and develop your exit strategy. Click the button below to purchase "An Entrepreneur's Guide to Understanding Business Valuation".

"An Entrepreneur's Guide to Understanding Business Valuation" written by Al Danto, Entrepreneurship Professor at Rice University.

"An Entrepreneur's Guide to Understanding Business Valuation" teaches financial leaders and business owners how to...

  • Achieve maximum value for your business whether or not you intend to sell
  • Unlock value within your company
  • Position your company to take advantages of opportunities 
  • Prepare for whatever the future holds


This is NOT a traditional e-book. Rice University's Professor Al Danto wrote it in order to teach you how to maximize value, understand buisness valuation, and develop a successful exit strategy. It contains almost no theory—but dozens of examples, case studies, and mulitple perspectives to look from.


Whether or not you're looking to sell your company right now, you want to maximize the value of your business. All investors want the most bang for their buck, and you are your company's most important investor!  

I promise you’ll find this book valuable if you’re trying to increase the value of your company. See for yourself by purchasing this e-book and reading it within the next 90 days. You'll come away from it with a better understanding of buisness valuation.

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