CFO Coaching Membership

CFO Coaching Membership.

  •  One hour, one-on-one coaching sessions,   every week. 
  •  Discuss challenges or questions and find   solutions that are unique and tailored to fit   you and your business.
  • Dedicated guidance and mentorship from our seasoned CFO Coaches.

Whether you are a CFO, Controller, Business Owner or Entrepreneur, we are here for you as your CFO Coach.

Accounting, Operations & Business Advisory Support

Discuss any topics including but not limited to:

Systems Selections
Audit Readiness

4 Steps to Success: CFO Coaching

1. Purchase Membership

2. Log into CFO Coaching Portal

3. Schedule your Session

4. Connect with your CFO Coach

What's Included?

Personalized Assistance

As CFO Coaches, we understand that different companies and people will need different solutions. We understand it’s not one size fits all. 

Choose from our team of Strategic CFO Coaches

We have a great team of seasoned CFO Coaches, and YOU choose who you want to connect with. 

Hourly Sessions, Every Week. 

As a CFO Coaching Member you get one hour, one-on-one coaching sessions EVERY WEEK. These are scheduled at your convenience inside the CFO Coaching Portal.

Your CFO Coach will provide you with useful tools for improving your business and help you think strategically through challenges or questions.

Live Help!

We’re here to answer all your business and accounting questions. Your sessions will be either via phone call or Zoom, depending on your preference. Our Coaches are dedicated to helping you create success through financial leadership. 

Become a CFO Coaching Member

$497 / Month

One-on-one Coaching Sessions with Experienced CFOs  

 60-minute meetings, once a week, every week  

Scheduled at your Convenience in the CFO Coaching Portal

No Hidden Fees

Discuss any topics, challenges or questions including but not limited to the topics below. 

Strategic Planning

Board Presentations

Banking/Debt Discussions 

Business Plan 

System Selection

Exit Strategies  

Budgeting and Forecasting

Internal Controls and Procedures

Expense Control

Software Implementation

Cash Flow Management

Budget versus Actual Reporting

SOX Compliance

 Audit Preparation

Training and Developing Teams 

General Accounting

GAAP Standards

Financial Reporting

Financial Statement Preparation

Cash/Accrual Accounting 

Month-End Close


Accounts Payable/Receivable (AP/AR)

13 Week Cash Flow  


Other Financial Tools

Meet our Strategic CFO Coaches

Dan Corredor

President of The Strategic CFO

CPA & Bilingual

Cyndi Dinh

Managing Director at The Strategic CFO

MBA & Bilingual

Marilynne Franks Bleeker

Director at The Strategic CFO


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. It’s simple. Pick your CFO Coach based on your current needs.
  2. Once you purchase the membership, we’ll email you your credentials to the CFO Coaching Portal.
  3. Inside the portal, you’ll be able to book your session with your Coach at a time that best fits your schedule.
  4. Once you pick your ideal time, you’re set! You will call your Coach at the scheduled time. If you prefer Zoom meetings, just let your coach know and they’ll email you an invitation.
  5. Finally, we’ll do a deep dive into your current needs over our phone or video conferencing call.

Wherever you have internet in the world. That’s the beauty. You pick a time, you get your questions answered. From your bed to your desk, wherever you learn best!

Membership is NOT subject to refunds. Should you choose to cancel your membership, you will be charged in full for the month in which you cancel and will forfeit any remaining coaching hours. You may contact us at [email protected] for more information on cancelations. 

  • Coaches with 25+ years of experience in accounting and finance.
  • Worldwide support at your fingertips.
  • With Zoom’s two-way screen share capability, you can share documents and spreadsheets with ease!
  • You’ll have the flexibility schedule your hours in a way that works with your schedule.
  • One hour of one-on-one coaching every week! 
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