R-Series Report » Accumulate Info

The Purpose Of Accumulating Info

In order to successfully create the R-Series Report, you will need to gather and/or create the following client financial information:

  • Current Monthly Financial Statements (B/S, I/S)
  • Select 4-Year Monthly Historical B/S Information

(i.e. A/R, Inventory, A/P, Accrued Pay, Debt Repayment)

  • Financial goals (if any) for each select ratio
  • Depending on the robustness of your company’s financial control system, you may or may not have some of the above inputs. As such, it will be necessary to first create them prior to working on the R-Series.

(see R Series template for select ratios)

How To Accumulate The Info

You can easily obtain historical and YTD financial statements if you use an accounting system such as PeachTree, QuickBooks or Great Plains. You will want to use averages for balance sheet accounts such as Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Inventory when computing financial ratios. Use the average of the beginning and ending values for such accounts for a given period.

Who Accumulates The Info?

Someone in accounting, preferably a person who has access to the most current financial statements and who is well versed with creating/modifying graphs in Excel, such as the Controller or Accounting Manager.