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The Purpose Of Inputing Financial Info

Once you have gathered and/or created all the necessary financial statements, it will now be time to enter the appropriate data into the template. Financial data will be input into the appropriate section of the spreadsheet:

  • B/S Input

  • P&L Input


  • Historical Input


How To Input Financial Info

Referring to the basic format seen above, you will need to obtain the following information:

4- Year

Monthly Historical

4- Year

Annual Historical

Balance Sheet x
Income Statement x
Select B/S Info
   A/R x
   Inventory x
   A/P x
   Accrued Payables x
   Debt Repayment x

Key in the appropriate information into their respective tables in the Input Section of the Investor Package template.

You can easily obtain historical and YTD financial statements if you use an accounting system such as PeachTree, QuickBooks or Great Plains.

You may need to reclassify certain balance sheet accounts. For example, shareholder loans may be reclassified as subordinated debt.

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