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The Purpose Of The Action Plan

An Action Plan is a list of tasks and/or projects that the controller or CFO is responsible for in a company.

The primary purpose of the action plan is to serve as the controller’s or CFO’s tool to communicate with ownership and/or management the tasks to be achieved and the relative priorities of those tasks.

Many entrepreneurs are ‘Type A’ personalities who are hard-driving. They will jump from project to project and priority to priority frequently. The Action Plan will be a way for you to manage your boss. Also, show your boss what has been accomplished and how much they are attempting to do.

The Action Plan will also assist you in the management of your staff.

It will make delegating tasks easier. It will also hold your staff accountable for the tasks they have been assigned.

Finally, the Action Plan will help you manage yourself.

It will force you to prioritize your time spent on different projects. Focus on how you can add the most value to get the right things done on time.

How To Use The Action Plan

The action plan is a means to communicate to your boss the value you are adding to the enterprise. By communicating your scope of work, it serves as a tool to manage expectations and to assist in the setting of priorities… especially when the number of projects start to stack up. It is also a useful tool to remind the boss of the value you’ve created as well to enumerate the numerous projects you have completed.

The value of the action plan in this latter part is immeasurable as entrepreneurs tend to load up on more projects than either time or money will permit!

Action Plan Template

Click to download: Action Plan Template


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