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The Purpose Of Interviewing Staff

After you have met the ownership and/or management, the next step will be to meet with the staff. The ownership and/or management of the company should be able to point you in the right direction in terms of who to talk to.

[/box]One thing to keep in mind when meeting with the staff is that the issues the ownership and/or management present may or may not be the root cause of the true problems present at the company. The staff may have an entirely different take on what is actually happening. [/box]

Once you have a firm grasp of the situation at hand, you can now better formulate the tasks that need to accomplished. These tasks should be listed on the Action Plan and communicated to the ownership and/or management. A discussion can then take place as to the relative importance of these projects as well as the resources and time required to complete them.

How Often You Should Interview Staff

Meetings with individual staff may occur over several encounters depending on their availability and/or new facts that come to light. However, it will be important to meet as many people as possible initially if for no other fact than to establish trust and relationships.

How To Conduct A Staff Interview

After having met with the ownership and/or management, take some time to organize your thoughts. Get a game plan together as to who you need to see. Having done so, you are now ready to start the fact- finding mission. Keep in mind though, that this process is as much about trust and relationship building as it is about fact finding.

A lot of times, the company’s staff will know things that the management doesn’t know. 

They also will be able to provide clues as to how to best approach the ownership and/or management of the company. As is the case with meeting the ownership and/or management, listening will be your best tool.

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