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Survey: The Average Tenure of a CFO

tenure of a cfoOne of the concepts we discuss during the first day of our coaching workshop series is the “Life Cycle of a CFO”.  The life cycle takes us from the decision to hire a CFO (usually due to a problem/crisis of some sort) through the eventual departure of the CFO for other opportunities and the subsequent emergence of another problem/crisis, causing the cycle to begin anew. We are once again surveying for the average tenure of a CFO.

The Average Tenure of a CFO

When we first introduced this concept to our classes almost four years ago, the average tenure of a CFO was about 4.1 years.  With the considerable changes in the financial landscape since then, we are curious to see what, if any, effects these changes have had on the life cycle of a CFO.

To answer this question, we developed a brief survey to find out how long you have been in your current position as CFO/Controller.  Click the button below to take the survey and get instant results.

Take the Survey

We’ll summarize the responses in a future blog post, so stay tuned and thanks for participating!

tenure of a cfo

tenure of a cfo

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Bank of America Merrill Lynch releases 13th annual CFO Outlook Survey

Last week Bank of America Merrill Lynch released the full results from its 13th annual CFO Outlook Survey. Below please find highlights regarding the key findings, along with a link to the full report, a press release on the findings and link to a webcast on the survey which includes a roundtable discussion with David Darnell, president of Global Commercial Banking, Bank of America and three CFOs.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Releases 13th Annual CFO Outlook Survey


Almost half of companies (47%) are planning to hire additional employees in 2011, up from 28% last year, according to the CFO Outlook survey by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Among respondents, 44% have plans to hire permanent employees, while 13% plan to add contract employees. (Some expect to hire both types).

Economic Outlook

CFOs of U.S. companies continue to have a critical view of the U.S. economy, giving the economy an average score of 47 on a scale ranging from 0 (extremely weak) to 100 (extremely strong). This is up slightly from last year’s score of 44, which was the lowest in the 13-year history of the CFO Outlook. When asked what will have the biggest impact on the economy in 2011, CFOs ranked the following: Healthcare Reform (54%), Budget Deficit (52%) and the Housing Market (42%).

Amid this cautious view of the current economic climate, 56% of all CFOs are forecasting expansion for the U.S. economy in 2011. That’s down from 66% who last year predicted growth in 2010.


The CFO Outlook webcast featuring a review of the surveys key findings with the following:

  • Laura Whitley, Global Commercial Products executive at Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Joe Quinlin, Chief Market Strategist, U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management
  • David Darnell and three CFOs (Al Blazek, Dunham’s Sports; Rod Goodwill, Hirschfeld Industries; Jerry Schneider, Vistage International)

Download the free External Analysis whitepaper that guides you through overcoming obstacles and preparing how your company is going to react to external factors.

CFO Outlook Survey

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CFO Outlook Survey

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